Tuesday, 24 January 2017


I was raped by my Grandmother's gardener when I was seven. I looked in the mirror, I thought I needed to hide, the solution was to get fat, the village was a dangerous place for a blond. For the next ten years, hiding at the "bottom" of the class, everybody left you alone there. I thought very strategically. To be fourth from "bottom" of the top stream the family would think I was clever enough but lazy. I did not want to draw attention to long blond plaits and dug my fingers into my face creating welts so I was spotty. I wanted to be left in peace. It kept me safe, playing with ponies having fun with friends. When I was 14 my best friend told the rest of the class that I was the prettiest and would definitely be the prettiest at 40, I went into panic mode. I hid again with another 20 inches of lard.  In my final year, I took my exams. I didn't care,  I was on this planet for better times. I received my O-level exam results back and got one B in English Literature and 10 E's. I filled all the E's turning them into B's and went proudly to my Mother. She went to the teachers, my lie was overturned. Back to school, this time to a crammer, where you learn everything in one term. "Bullying" Bullied to be clever, pretty, intelligent and fun. That's the point.  I was at boarding school from the age of 5, where they tortured me with a plastic whip. It was fine. Now I look back it made me stronger and more determined. I would dream of castles whilst my girlfriends would dream of owning the local pub.

Why I say this is that during this election, The Liberal Left Democrats have been guilty of unforgivable bullying which did not bring out the best in Donald Trump. So much for spirituality, yoga and their fake gurus or using diplomacy. Bullying  Donald J Trump guaranteed his success, He was bullied by actors, stars, politicians. Hollywood.  Everybody said he could not do it including Barrack Obama. I won't mention them they are out of fashion now. That is except a small number of followers like Alex Jones and a huge supportive social media, representing the real people. I knew he would. Trump would answer back, he would twitter and spin, but I could see him the small boy and he was hurt. This is a man who has everything perfect. Perfectly beautiful wives in perfect clothes,  perfect children, perfect grandchildren with perfectly neatly organized lives. Nobody on drugs or drink, squeaky clean. The only thing he could not have was credibility with the Hollywood narrow-minded elite, the Illuminati, The New World Order. They ridiculed him saying he would never make it, he was the "Straw Man sent to save Clinton with an orange face"  How stupid they all were. He rose to the occasion against all odds, ridicule, and bullying. Hollywood, the bank's, Artists,  everyone talked badly, about him and enjoyed it too. Their small limited minds will diminish with every signature.  President Donald J Trump, good on you, you made it. I know you will do well, that is if they do not kill you first.  Now the left is using The Oscar's to march and discuss Climate Change. This makes me really furious. Nobody cared that Obama dropped 26,000 bombs in the Middle East and the devastation to the planet that caused? Where is the moral value?
My word of advice is to keep safe, they love to murder. Mr. Trump, your Inauguration was incredible, moving and yes it the audience full.  Yes, the photographs are taken at different times. Just a word of advice put Soros, Streep, and Madonna in "Coventry" in the corner.  Show them you are the success that they have all been waiting for and most of all enjoy the position you have achieved and do your best.
A note to all haters, you have only yourselves to blame.
"You want one to have conformist beliefs, I like to be analytical and individual. I do not sadly believe in bolting the gate after the horse has fled, sadly Hillary's currency is now Confederate Bonds. President Trump was fortunate to be up against Hillary at the time because she was the only person who gave him credibility. He made her look like a serious contender which she wasn't. She thought she was in a Democracy, she was in The Federal State of America. One more thing STOP using women's rights when this is not about that but about getting rid of Trump sorry you don't like his haircut. The really clever women know this and see through it. Please stop it. Instead, do something positive, rebuild rethink and choose somebody who is clean without a reputation. Obama and Clinton managed to lose and destroy the Democrat's in both houses and work needs to be done".

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