Thursday, 3 November 2016


For eight months I have been boring my friends to tears about Hillary Clinton and my distrust of her. In the late 1990's  it all started with a book I was given by a friend,  by the discredited but often correct writer, David Icke, "I am me, I am free" and "The biggest Secret". Books that opened your brain into the meaning of life.   People screamed at me and said "David Icke sees Lizards", but now I understand Lizards come in many shapes and forms. It opened my eyes. At the time I had a dinner party where I got appropriate people to read out lines from both books,  they were involved in. Wayne Dyer who had been speaking at the conference with Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde and David Icke. It was enlightening. How to be good and get the most out of life.

America is now going through a huge drama and the slowness and often badly informed public is embarrasing with such an important election up for grabs, the future worries me. America has direct impact on the rest of the world. If this was going on anywhere else in the world we would  take over, Presidents would be slammed, put in jail and killed, but the Clinton's always escape along with their cronies. That is until now, when we will be saved by the brash and loud, charasmatic, Donald Trump. Don't laugh at me even the Bible agrees. After the turmoil we will get the messiah one hopes.

Due to the brilliance but controversial access, Wikileaks and others have attained "The pay to play" involving The Clinton Foundation, whose stories have woken a sleepy lazy human. The worst behavior of the Clinton's being what happened to the funds for Haiti?  At the beginning I was slammed so much on social media sights like Facebook and Twitter. One "friend" even said "Why are you talking about Hillary like this, look what she does for charity, I helped her?" What could I say? The murky dirty waters of the Clinton Foundation have now been tested and the silt is appearing that the ones who guesed the truth are thinking "What has happened to human intelligence and integrity?"  All people were thinking about let's be realistic, was their social position, their financial access and not who the people were they were electing and donating to.  It has now been undoubtably proven that The Clinton's should be up for Treason and Murder, their web of lies creeping into every direction, from 5 email hackers from Enemy States to under aged sex and Jeffrey Epstein. If they get in next week time, it's time to move out. In my opinion, it is time to leave her side if you want success in the future. They have gone too far. Need I say the words Benghazi, Whitewater, 35,000 emails, 140 people disappearing around them and yes "Follow the money" to the heart of it "The Clinton Foundation where countries like Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Algeria gained goodwill access to America provided they donated large sums of cash. As I spoke about America being compromised by this tardy clan,  Hillary needed an encyptian service but she did not have one.  I was accused of xenophia on a regular basis, yet it is them that discriminated, that noticed the differences between humans. I could accuse them of witchcraft and steeling babies. Just check on line.

 Sadly the slimy backbone of the FBI protect the Clinton's at all costs.  She was fed the questions at the debates, which seems a small cheat in comparison to her many misdemeanors. "Hire a Clinton and get your cash out and America is your oyster" Protected by Facebook and Google she nearly got away with it.

I am smiling at myself not through happiness, but because I knew all along, I am inquisitive and what can I say, I just knew.
For weeks I have been asking friends why does Hillary have next door to her the daughter of a Muslim Brotherhood paper Editor's daughter,  Huma Abedin who is so close to The Saudi's and ISIS? The elegant and clever Huma, who is estranged to the now outspoken and discredited  Mr Anthony Weiner? Now as the net starts to close and Mr Weiner's emails read due to pornography, a file is found called "Life Insurance" belonging to Huma is found on his computer. In it are the emails missing and another 650.000. With this news Huma disappears? I am sure she is hidden under a burka of black linen. No, I heard she was going to be at a fundraiser and you can be photographed with her if you pay £5,000 a pop. So despite the bad news Hillary is still supported by the Wintours, Furstenburg's and Cher. This is very depressing when you consider the corruption surrounding.
What is Hillary thinking of? Millions have died at the press of America's button so far, how many more will do so in the future depends on this election.
As the dirt unfolds 40 people will lose their jobs and Hillary if she gets into office is liable to be in Prison, so the options are brave and new. Donald Trump and Jill Stein a nice worthy woman.

The only credible brave journalists are Sean Hannity Fox, Alex Jones, Infowars, Wikileaks Julian Assaunge, Judge Jeannine Fox because we had to forget any credible press coming from The New York Post, The Times, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post. They were in the pocket literally of The Clinton's. It is a great shame that humanity has stooped so low. It is a great shame that people for several years have not been trusted. There we are. Damn politicians we want to live.

I think it's time to leave the sinking ship of the dirty Clinton's and time to welcome the new world with wisdom of the people who helped me. David Icke, Wayne Dyer and most of all Deepak Chopra coloured by the new brave politicians in weird shapes and forms that won't be perfect but at least will not be attached to the hidden agendas of the past.

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