Sunday, 13 November 2016


The "ME" generation of snapchatters  need councilling, love in's, days off college all because they were educated by Kim, Hillary and celebrity and have not got the backbone to cope with Democracy. The Me generation followed our generation which were the We generation. They are the result of single parent families and no discipline. Get a grip. It is truly pathetic that classes are cancelled because Mr Donald Trump won the election.

As you know if you follow me I knew Mr Donald Trump would win just as I knew Brexit would happen. They are voting so that the United States of America remains a democracy. Obama and Hillary are over. They both called for a peaceful transition and a fake war starts on the streets, they say nothing to stop it, and that says it all. Political correctness is out  and truth comes in. The Democrat's say they won the popular vote, either there are rules or there are not. Come on grow up sometimes you lose. There is no longer a left or a right wing, but why should anyone vote for Hillary who should have been in jail, I have no comprehension.

We are all like Mr Donald Trump in anycase, especially Los Angeles who spend millions to try to look like his wife Milania every year, who they bullied and screamed at, deriding her plastic surgery and pussy bow's. I hope she remembers who her friends really are.
Mr Soros should retire elegantly he is old and has a lot to answer for, he should go to to jail, his crew of thugs going round America smashing it up, feeling like it is their right. I have news for you, you are arrogant, you are delusional, worst of all you are all bad losers. In my opinion that is the worst crime of lot. Education has not done them any favours.

Of course I am smug, I love Trump I love that he is trying to overthrow the banks and elite. I like positive people, change and honesty. I have  been vilified by supposed best friends defriending me, insulting me , but who cares I am off to the Inauguration whilst they snivel and kvetch into their velvet covered sofas smoking pot.  I love my life.  It is not such a big deal for goodness sake. Their childish behavior is a disgrace.  Read out the Bible and find that saints come in many shapes and forms. The intellectuals in America have become bigoted and guess what they were overthrown.

Hillary lost because she used the media, emails, sordid stories and celebraties by the dozen who are generally only good with a script. Cloaning they got together to gloat on beating up of The Donald. Everybody was a bully on her campaign I got hate letters from people contributing to her crooked enterprises. What she needed was a decent encryptian service.
Mainstream media is over and the warriors are out on the streets. They were wrong wrong wrong, they were only propaganda units paid for by the above. Meritocracy, left wing Liberals did not care enough for the poor people of America,  and those people saw through everything, so not so stupid. This behaviour only shows middle America they were right.
Hell we have our freedom back,  thank goodness for that. The media and the banks lost.

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