Monday, 7 November 2016

Blood letting voodoo and art

Walking in the sun this morning the day feels calm but in the air there is something going on that feels like an awakening about to happen. The most exciting controversial election in history ends with a climax today. Is Obama going to do a third term? Will Hillary be put in prison despite yesterday being told there was nothing to worry about in the 630,000 emails found on Huma Abedin's soon to be ex husband's computer under a file called "Life Insurance"have nothing on them to be worried about.  Will it be the calm today before the storm. I am in slumberland and it feels good.

Yesterday I was walking around Los Angeles and had a drink in The Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Lionel Richie was there,  a wonderful singer, sitting with his grandchildren. Los Angeles is like that, it is inviting and happy. Everybody is positive, they have done therapy, they go to yoga classes and are sugar sweet nice. I love it. Afterwards I went to see my friend Rafael Reyes from the band Prayer who was singing to bring awareness to the controversial Dakota State Pipeline, which the locals are against because of the environment.
At my table was a man who looked like he has had facial surgery. He turned to me and said to the girl sitting next to me, sweetly, a friend, and asked was she staff. A little shocked by his manner he promptly introduced me as his future wife. He then turned to my friend again and asked me what staff would I like in his house, a Phillipino, Someone like my friend or a Black. I was so shocked by the racial profiling that I immediately understood what it was like to be treated like this as a black woman in America. I wanted to vomit. I was more upset than my friend. I was embarrassed for the man oposite who clearly did not understand the political correct world we live in. I don't really consider this living in my bubble in London what it could be like.
With the extra dumping or Wikileaks a day or two ago, I was surprised  to learn about the cooking tips of satanists. I have been party to this in a very shallow way. In my film The gun the cake and the butterfly I put in a scene where I was brewing up a storm to find the love of my life, it was comical it was also serious, it had humour.  I have however woken up.  I do it with love, involving no children or animals, blood and gore. Yesterday I was a little horrified with Wikileaks insinuation that Hillary Clinton and Marina Abramovic were all witches.  John Podesta and his brother were off to do Spirit cooking with the famous artist who seems most serious, Marina. This included breast milk, menstrual blood and urine all together. Marina Abramovic is one of the most incredibe artists that I have met. Charming beautiful and alluring she feels a long way away from the darker world of witchcraft and photographs of Lady Gaga eating from large vats of human secretions and created a scent including them.  My view is that all woman are natural witches. There are major things happening in the world secretly and not so secretly. With the hacking of the internet all a persons peccodilloes are driven to the surface. The bible is quoted, recipes consisting babies blood, sperm and urine are being used. Children are viewed as play things in bubble baths, with lewd insinuations to awaken the spirits of Wicca, they are serious and to be taken seriously.  As Marina rightly said if they are done in a Gallery they are art but if done at home they are intimate and take on a different more intense meaning. With the Podestas enjoying pigs blood etc,  would we want this lot involved in controling  nuclear weapons. On top of this the Democrats blame Trump and Putin for everything which is a red herring.

In my opinion the world has become confusing. A woman could get into tomorrow, voted in by a willing public, despite claims that she is a Satanist, her reputation of bad management in Benghazi, a supposed killer of a million people in theMiddle East, the assasin of Vincent Foster, The dodgy dealings of the Clinton Foundation and so on. She is supposedly an eloquent killer, superbly and supremely trained with biased flows of information. The woman nearest to her, her lover is meant to be a spy. Heavens? Opposite Donald Trump who wants to make America Great again with new ideals
where his sex life and fingers have been examined.
I believe Wikileaks. The small trickle has turned into a torrant, but do we need every small detail. I am aware like everyone that things behind the scenes are not innocent. Do they effect us in the West. My feeling is they are about to. Are they important. Well of course.  This goes far beyond anything we are familiar with. At first I was thinking it was a joke and of course David Icke has written about this for years, slowly but surely all that he has written seems to be verified by Wikileaks.
Along with this the scandals of Bill Clinton and the under aged preditor Anthony Weiner. These actions are frightening for other reasons connections with Jeffrey Epstein and the times that the Clinton's went there. Occult and black magic seem less attractive by the minute as the election draws to an end. Here in Los Angeles everything is swept under the carpet. Trump is demonised, Hillary is raised to sainthood and I am sitting here thinking the world has gone bonkers. Intelligent people have lost all sense of reason, sanity or have they? Should I just lighten up and accept what is about to befall us. Should we have this sort of person in power?

Should we just turn a blind eye as suggested? We are made to think it is all a joke, they are doing voodoo. However it is said and therefore serious that Hillary used to bring up dead people in The Whitehouse and that she used to go to a Satanist Church here in Los Angeles. Satanism is not always bad.
I think I have only two more days here and I will just sit in the sunshine and hopefully all will be okay with a smile and a wink and not the callamity as suggested. The backbone of America will speak, it has not been elevating but entertaining. We listened to a campaign where the size of Trump's hands and hairstyle were important, where Clinton could have Parkinsons and had loads of scandals.  Trump wants to speak to the forgotten men and women of America. Gosh they have had a battle, but they have been friends. Let us hope America is unified in a positive and exciting new way after the decision made by the election today.

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