Sunday, 9 October 2016


I awoke this morning to a whole lot of abuse on Facebook. Who cares? The problem with Democrats is that they have a "holier than thou" attitude which is enough to make you vomit if you wish to be a floating voter.  Everyone who commented has a worst past than Donald Trump if a neon light was shone upon it, so I wish they would for once shut up and listen and see what is really going on.
Of course,  this week is rough for Trump, his cat out of the box as he salaciously talks about slim women under 35 and pussy fumbling. Hardly the talk of Presidents, however, look at Kennedy he as an icon, and as a married man was hardly virtuous having an affair with someone as attractive as Marilyn Monroe. His past was full of mafia connections yet he tried to do good and in the process got killed. That is before emails and mobile telephones. There is nothing more dangerous as we all know than the last two for indiscretions. Hell to this, why are the mainstream media nagging him and ignoring Hillary. It was okay for American's to be killed in Benghazi and to use him as a punch bag.
So for a sensible minute, this is a bunch of hype, it is a scam. It is about Nationalism and Trump and Hillary and Globalism.  Wakey wakey. He must fight back. My favourite judge speaks out.
  I wrote down a list of plusses and minuses for Clinton and Trump.  There are so few minuses for Trump that I am sorry other than his haircut and a few bankruptcies his tax returns and locker room talk there is hardly anything.
Clinton, on the other hand, has despite her lessons still not got the "it" factor either and her hands in the World's piggybank don't make me feel full of confidence, her endorsement of Senator Byrd from the KKK left me thinking. Despite her many qualifications and support from mainstream media she has seriously mucked it all up. Her ambitions to hit the big time in the Oval Office are obvious but what will she do with Bill? Is he going to be groping in the next door office? Photographed in the Foundation with girls, his rapacious personality continually fed.  It is all so sordid when written down.  What about all her scandals? Her connections are hardly worthy either,  despite covering the whole world, under the surface, there are bubbling stories waiting to get out. The word impeachment is thrown around like confetti. Okay so Bill was not really impeached but boy it was close. Will she be, maybe?  What about her mess in the Middle East, not all her fault entirely,  but she did nothing to appease the situation and just made it all worse. Before you finish killing Donald and making him more popular with the average population why not think properly. Other than joining the Women heads of state around the world is she the right calibre? 
Consider this. 
It is not about whether you like Donald Trump, most men, unfortunately, talk like this about women, and you women know it, stop, being prudish. America is fed on a diet of Kardashian's and Starwars, sex, and money, it is hardly surprising. Obama complained about the Kardashian's and said they should be banned. They seem to forget that it was the Republican's that stopped slavery.
You have Bill Clinton, rapist of 14 women on one side, who has said and done worst things and been up for impeachment. On the other side loudmouth businessman Donald Trump.   I am exhausted from listening and fighting yet Alex Jones continues to support Mr. Trump and all the conspiracy theorists too, hating Hillary and knowing what she has been up to they fight his corner.
Hillary who can barely walk up a staircase and has suspected Parkinson's disease, has been massively indiscreet too, calling the American people idiots. Is she well enough to rule? It is not a beauty treatment. Who is worse? Hillary has done thirty years of illegal and dangerous things towards humanity allowing the bombing of her embassy in Benghazi whilst gossiping with friends as to whether she could make money over there. I am sorry from an outsiders point of view she is completely unreliable. Her emails and his boy's talk don't cancel each other out, she committed treason. One plus, it has been the most exciting race ever. Remember the tape of Hillary laughing at the rapist she got off at the beginning of her career?. The girl was mutilated for life. I think this is far worse. I think it's time that LA looks at the facts thoroughly. You will be voting for a woman who gets funding from the Middle East for The infamous Clinton Foundation, who in turn throw their homosexuals off buildings and burns them in cages. She even has helped create ISIS. Check Wikileaks if you do not believe it.
What about her relationship with her lover/secretary Huma? Huma's mother is the Muslim Brotherhood an extremist Muslim movement and funded too by the most religious Saudi's who are into Wahhabism. I do not care what their supposed relationship is but I do care for America about the closeness to their enemies. Hillary wants to open America's borders.
What about the funding she receives from the Middle East for her foundation? The creating of ISIS who along with Obama, fed them with arms. What about the donations to the Clinton Foundation for Haiti? Where did the money go? Why was it not spent on rebuilding it. Why have Hillary and Bill suddenly got 100 million apiece? Not from their hugely expensive speeches, the finances don't add up. Are they money laundering which has often been mentioned? They did this in their past?
What about Vincent Foster, 35,000 emails, and 90 deaths surrounding them? The Democrats do not want change and will allow thousands to enter the country and thousands of jobs are lost overseas.
On top of this, the Uranium being sold to Russia just about does it for me.
So where to go with all this? Both have good intentions but are they capable of implementing them intelligently with integrity and without creating a nuclear war WW3. It is a crazy time, are they both able to understand the implications that one of them will win and take on. America is on the verge of bankruptcy with 20 billion debt and Donald wants to make it great again? Hillary is on a quest to make him look as ridiculous as possible not from a position of strength. All I know is that my most intelligent friends, the ones that have succeeded in their own right, made their own money are for Trump. Time will tell as usual. Mainstream Media have little to offer except their continual beating of the same drum.
Let's hope this time they talk about what they intend to achieve and stop slagging each other off because none of us are blind or deaf. We need America to be great again. We need it to be stable. We need the economy to be healthy. We need stability worldwide and peace where possible. Let's aim for that?

" Political correctness is the worst thing for democracy" Gore Vidal. He could obviously see this coming.
A blog I love is one by Stanley Weiss.

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