Sunday, 16 October 2016


Hillary Clinton, you will be voting for Open borders, Globalisation, corruption, higher taxes,  WAR, Wikileaks scandals. Bribes, Clinton Foundation, ladders of opportunity is how much you give to her, Gangsters, Clinton looting the treasury, last time she had to give back the china to The White House. She does not like religion. Crime and Bill in the next door office but we were sold down the river a long time ago. Terrible reputation, yes terrible, around the world. Chelsea has her hands in the piggy bank too. Look what Clinton's did with Haiti, her past reputation with Vincent Foster, 140 people disappeared, Benghazi, Whitewater, her trashing of others religion, 35,000 emails bleached. You will be on the hook. 20 trillion in debt. Upstate New York. Thirty years of failure. Bill Clinton was threatened with impeachment and disbarred for sexual harassment which they then framed Donald with. Hillary's poor health and suspected Parkinsons. Do you seriously want more of this? Hated by Haitians. Famous for drug laundering. Gangster activities. Corrupt Media and Supreme Court. Money stashed away instead of giving to charities. Left wing liberal  intellects love her. Propaganda. All her emails compromised by enemies of state. Time to tried, Madame.


Donald J. Trump offers the opportunity to make America great again, this is his great wish. Greater screening of immigrants, lower taxation, greater security, religious tolerance within the borders. A wall, corruption stopped. Hillary in Jail. Nationalism, building up the army. Had a clean reputation until Mainstream Media killed him. Beautiful well behaved children. popularity with poor America. Liberty, Donald is loved by the people. You have to make a choice. Charm, humor his own wealth. People love him.

Freedom. Corruption within the system exposed and imprisoned.
Main Stream Media exposed and shamed. Paid for his own campaign.
His supposed sexual harassment have now been proved that they were set up's by Clinton campaign.
Robust health a few pounds overweight. His own successful businesses well loved boss. Love of women. Improved schools and police. Anti-drugs, anti-booze.
Beautiful clean Whitehouse with a nice family. Well loved around the world.

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