Saturday, 10 September 2016


As the American Election comes upon us, I am planning for the end of the world. I am almost egging it on, it is so much fun to organise.  With the German's being asked to fill out the cellars, clearing their supermarkets buying  appropriate foods, I am getting ready too. Of course, I am beginning to feel I am barking mad, but just in case I now have several cases of tuna fish and corn, a gas heater, some torches that are not torches and I am about to buy a tent.
I have clearly been listening to Alex Jones who is selling nutrients and long lasting grub on his site,  He is infiltrating my thoughts as he has been right over so many things along with David Icke. This pays for his fabulous new reels that entertain me and horrify Hillary Clinton. David Icke said Hillary was not to be trusted in 1992.
I have also been watching one of my favourite films called Soylent Green, which if you don't know is about what happens to an over populated world as we are killed and turned into green slime. We are nearly there so all ideas should be treated with caution.

In order to survive I am planning on renting a house in the country with a garden, or shall I move to New Zealand? 

Theresa May was appointed to start Brexit but also wants to change anything she can. 
Schools do need to change. You can strive for equality but there is ultimately none, let's work with reality not dreams and bring back the grammar school, giving an opportunity to those who are clever enough to have the best education possible. Why do we always have to go to the lowest common denominator? We should strive to be the best we can be and give this education to children that would enjoy it and do well with the advantages. Streaming exists already in schools so what's the problem? For example, my spelling is bad as I did not learn Greek and Latin. I went to an alternative school that loved horses and the arts.  Children, need a well balanced well-structured schooling that also includes the arts.  People are such inverted snobs, saying it is elitist?  With a good education, you can understand life better and be less of a stress on the "system" We could , after all, build the best schools in the poorest areas?
With human beings comes negativity and jealousy, self-destruction is inevitable as we have morals, but why not try giving the best life to our children, an opportunity for  a better and more interesting future.
I was hounded on twitter for suggesting that the Members of Parliament be eloquent. If you wish to put a point across you had better be. The woman in question stumbled over her words as if she had had no education at all. She cleared the house on an important issue.

We should, however,  never forget that many of the world's disasters are sprinkled with the good intentions of a few intellects. 

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