Friday, 16 September 2016


It's good to "fast", to cleanse your body, it's good to feel hunger. I often do it at home or follow the Mayr Clinic in Austria. It clears the system and seems to rejuvenate me.  It feels good to wake up the youth hormone. It makes you think deeply,  awakening your conscience so you are able to see clearly, being a little hungry gives me psychic abilities. I am not suggesting that starving people around the world benefit from hunger but we in the Western fatcat world do. It makes me sharper as hunger creeps in and awakens the thought patterns.

At the same time, I was thinking about politics with all that is going on in the World and in particular the pseudo-left wing.  When you have great holidays but give a little to charity, have champagne, take first and business class tickets, avoid economy.  It is not being poor, it is not being charitable,  it is in actual fact bullshit. The clean left wing ideas are completely different. The real left wing people invariably give up things, people,  and make a place on their own to live out their spartan beliefs, they know that the only thing in life is the power of "breath" that we are all unique.
Sadly you do not necessarily help poverty through contributing to charitable organisations, you actually often help the peoples lifestyle who own it and work for it. They often have dubious credibility and receive large salaries. In fact, charities, on the whole, are very much about  purchasing yourself a halo of self-satisfaction, a social life, a meeting with a President or film stars. Money attracts those type of people. Remember everybody is paid down to the actor or an actress. They hardly ever do it for love. There are exceptions but before your purse opens, think, and check where the money is going. Read their financial reports or just help those that sleep on the streets directly. Of course without charity the Aids Crisis would not have been helped and many worldwide epidemics. This though is not my point in this article. This is about the naughty charities and to wake up the individual donor to check what is actually happening. Are they satisfied that it goes to help the things
that hold their interest?

Money often does not get to those in need and is shockingly inconsistent with those stuffing their faces at a donor's dinner table and paying for balls. It actually helps the social mobility of the donor, in other words, it helps the social climber rather than the impoverished living in a tent of misery. Of course, there are good charities that can be trusted, but often the heads receive huge salaries, for example, the head of the Redcross receives just under £200,000 a year, which as I said before,  is a little unattractive in the circumstances.

I am no better, the same as everybody else.  When I give it's not entirely for the charity, but to receive invitations to parties. The top table. I don't pretend to be necessarily good, I am in fact a right winger with a conscience. Every human has a conscience and I am a little tired of the Left wing assumption that they are the only people who care about anything.

Every religion has a week when you are supposed to consider other people through the pain of not eating. I just like to do it in my own chosen week which is now.

I hope that the world purifies in time. We are definitely putting the world at risk at the moment and it definitely needs real love and charity.


David Jolley said...

Beautifully stated....The Clinton Foundation comes to mind...

Julius Just said...

Well you certainly laid it out in the open Amanda. It is our obligation as humans that each day we should help one, two, three or four or more people without any expectation of a reward or even a thank you. That is what charity is. I have been helped so much in my life that I feel obligated to help others where ever possible. Life is full of surprises many pleasant ones. Love and light always.

Miranda Twiss said...

I'm on a fast too and couldn't agree more. sharpens the mind and increases my energy