Tuesday, 16 August 2016


This Summer I decided not to travel abroad, why? The weather is good here and I have many family obligations. It was made easy by a wonderful invitation to visit the small coastal village in Helford,  Cornwall.  I flew down, spending time with the brilliant writer, Frederick Forsyth and his feisty wife Sandy, talking about politics and the state of the world, whilst reading his book "The Outsider" in paperback. 
I have enjoyed August in England and cannot believe it. You do not have to travel in overcrowded aeroplanes to have fun on beaches,  around Europe, it is packed and mostly unpleasant. I discovered the stunning coast of Cornwall visiting Daphne du Maurier's romantic ideal, Frenchman's Creek . I visited St Mawes by boat having drinks on the beautiful terrace of the Relais Chateau Hotel called Idle Rocks. It was full of chic looking people in Guernsey pullovers and jeans. Brown faces and no makeup. The most useful piece of clothing over the last few days was the bomber jacket. So fashionable this season.  I lived in my Saint Laurent black one with white trim. I also loved the jacket from Zara. I positively hate jeans but found the best pair was from Missguided for ten pounds were infinitely more comfortable than the more expensive pair I bought. Yes, the bomber jacket was loved and I lusted after Sandy's beautiful embroidered one she found at M&S.  The Forsyth's were stimulating company.

AT THE IDLE ROCK, St Mawes WITH Frederick Forsyth

I have had time to listen to the endless transcripts surrounding Benghazi which are stimulating, studying the messy world of politics. I also managed to see the contemporary  production of Jesus Christ Superstar by my good friends Tim Rice and Andrew Loyd Webber. Brilliant and moving I felt I had intimate moments with Jesus himself. Wonderful dancing and singing, this is a night to remember in Regent's Park Theatre, amongst nature the stage came alive. I went with besties Inesa and Barrington de la Roche and danced through the woods in the rain. 

Millie Brown Artist with Amanda Eliasch and Gavino Di Vino photograph by Inesa de la Roche.

I also went to an incredible one-man show written by the talented youthful Gavino di Vino which is about to go to Edinburgh. Sixty minutes of witty commentary. The show "Auntie" demonstrates the diversity of London life, brilliant musings from the outrageous  Gavino. The disappointing moments when his Aunt first arrived in England. A natural snob who is politically incorrect. Beautifully styled in a graceful flat. Auntie talks non-stop horrified by the lack of class and integrity of the people around her. Gavino portrays the life of his Aunt and her son. The piece explodes with colour and imagination. It is a total must see.
He will be starring in Edinburgh at Chalky's from the 17th-27th.
Frenchman's Creek

Gavino Di Vino in Auntie

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