Thursday, 14 July 2016

PRIDE OF ENGLAND, Boris Johnson is a Biblical prophecy.

Just under three weeks on, we have a new Primeminister Theresa May and it is the most exciting political moment.  When you consider the emotional time we have all gone through. Half our friendships are broken. Terrible things were said as we were threatened, we were bulldozed yet, we still voted out. 

We were accused of xenophobia and bigotery, blackmailed and treated with contempt. We heard telephone calls that we were revolting and that we needed a bags over our heads. Our children! We should not have voted, we were old, we should be dead.  
The rest of Europe supposedly hating us, well they will miss our nine billion pounds. 
Generally, we do not respond well to threats, scare stories and the end of the world. We have National Pride. We love England, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland, Southern too. Let's make this work. Most of all they linked all Brexiters together and together we have had a quiet revolution against the smugness and complacency of the rest, the ultimate failling of the EU Federal State, their fascism. Good luck Theresa May, brave woman. Good luck to the Cabinet. Congratulations.

Last night I went to Number 10 and stood outside with the rather small crowd of Brexiters to the cries of "Theresa May don't delay" "Brexit means Exit". There was one comical figure of a man from Ireland who said that Boris Johnson was a Biblical prophecy, and a straggling lot of hecklers who thought that the election was illegal.

Now is our chance to sort this democracy out, to make our country with all its wonderful colourful eccentric population,  great again with a new more appropriate dramatic cabinet to create a bright new future.

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