Sunday, 26 June 2016


First of all what a week, exciting and terrifying.  Power is going back into the hands of the people. They have spoken. The Brexiters did not like the EU as it stands today. It is not the democracy we in England had all hoped for, we were battling with the Federal State for many years. I think everybody would agree that we all had the best intentions for it, but it is not working. We like our vote to mean something. It did not. There were so many areas that did not work, eg The fisherman, the huge amount of money after the subsidies which we had no control over, the voting system, the band, the army, etc. We know all this. As you support the Green Party I totally understand that you worry that the sytem was in place and although it was not perfect we should try and work at it. The unfair advantages to parts of the UK were not great. We live in a bubble in London protected from the reality of the rest of Britain that is often suffering. I personally want to see proportional representation, even if I do not approve of UKIP they received a huge amount of votes in the last election and although I do not like the rascism Mr Farage is force to be reackoned with. a voice that the People listen to. The Green party too. I also think there should be a second chamber in our parliament that is elected with real power too, the house of Lords is great and worked for quite a few years but our constitution is in need of updating. This could become a true mixture of parties and genuinely exciting. If we can take anything from this referendum,I think if we want peace please can we stop using the word Xenophobia. Nobody is this but political correctness only makes people boil over. Today I was in Vodaphone they were all from ethnic minorities and all had voted Brexit, they were young too no older than 26. They said if there was another referendum they would take all their friends who could vote as they did not like The European government that did not understand the people existing in the UK already. Remember we are not the size of France sadly, we have a population of over 64 million and France over 66. The new government within the UK could then be ready to help with the exciting new deals we will be offered from around the world from our safetyboat. We do not need to exclude who is already here and already helping with our society but everybody does need to pay tax from the rich to the poor alike. We need rich foreigners too. I disagree with most people on this, I do not know why The Conservatives were so hostile to them.

What we cannot do is fight like this between the Remainers who feel they are losing Europe, it is after all still just accross the boarder and they will hopefully come back when they realise we are not going to give them 9 billion? We won't stop being sold Mercedes and Fiats over night. We still need banks.

The 9 billion really is needed in parts of the UK for small schools and hospitals. They work better in the country and I do not know why they were got rid of in the first place. A school should remain a school and a hospital too. Just times change. Industry should be encouraged back into the UK eg electricity and some manufacturing. The Green party should have a huge say in some areas that have encouraged fracking. Unless we really need oil do we need this? Can't we use other methods eg solar etc. It should be a balanced parliament. If anything taught us over this, it is that people from different sides do work well together with a little positive pushing. If we take egos out of it and put patience. We are all humans are truly we want the same things. We cannot kill luck and talent by high taxation it does not work, the clever move away, but we need to make people want to help others. As for manners they are slipping away. A child who behaves badly should be told off. spitting is never great. There is so much to say but perhaps this helps a little . . Of course the boys in Parliament have plans and actually give them some credit. They worked non stop. There are areas that could have been explained better and there are areas that were shoved down our throat. After all we are still alive nothing drastic happened, so the city played with our money, it will go round in a circle, where from the general clean up we can start a cleaner fresher start with people more involved and more humanity towards others. We need to be calm and patient.
It's fine there will be a whole new political class,a better standard and then a cleaner Europe please. New fresh blood cannot be a bad thing. Boris Johnson should be there somewhere and hopefully a good strong cabinet will be formed. Lets enjoy the show from the comfort of our boat.

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