Friday, 24 June 2016


What do I think about the Election? I think everybody on facebook who knows me understands my position.

As the elite and the working classes voted Leave to get a fairer deal, then perhaps they had bubbling resentment being called educationally and mentally subnormal Little Englanders? It was all so patronising. 

On the night of the election I was at a party of only Brexiters, there was nobody stupid in the room, on the contrary, it was the best of British, the clever, the entrepreneurs., the brilliant. No journalists, though.  The night before I was being scared by an editor and asked who was voting Brexit, nobody of consequence.? Really that was the whole point it is the vote of the people of the UK, not celebrities and being sent endless leaflets from artists.

All the scaremongering of failing money markets, and bitching of the Remain party, the glossy brochure costing all us nine million pounds, did nothing to change the minds or the majority of voters.  The pencils with REMAIN on it in the polling stations were anything but democratic, the endless nagging and adverting where to vote,  egging the Brexiters to wake up.  The Brexiters  had none of the in government advertising, and advantages, but they had three forceful characters, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and the hardworking Nigel Farage who had the thankless task of representing UKIP. They spoke eloquently and knew how to get us up on a vile rainy day.  
They worked full time often against huge difficulties. Then the sadness of Jo Cox who appears to have lost her life needlessly.     
Surely you understand we had to leave,  the poor fisherman, the unfair costs, the unfair advantages, the EU army, the band, the  greedy MEPS, the banks, the inflexibility of the Federal State, hiding the secrecy of what was really going on,   and lastly immigration.
It is not surprising  that the Remain team won in London, a bubble of Gucci and Prada, Mercedes Cars and bursting property prices.  The remains did not consider for a second the poverty of the North, the country full with a population of 64 million, nearly the same as France's 66 million and the ramifications of that. No, they thought about themselves and are proving poor losers.  They have the power of media, yet  have shown that their spiteful tongues and fears did not sway the British voter. They were hardly egalitarian. I personally had so many people nagging me, but they were only thinking about themselves. They are living the ME generation so beautifully described by the Editor of Vogue China, Angelika Cheung, at a lecture I went to recently. She said that they lived in a bubble of social media and computers. They only cared about themselves.

However, the "remain" vote lost because of the young people, who did not vote because it was raining.   The young  now complain on Facebook and social media.  They now need another vote,  they made a mistake, they need only the under 30's to vote and so on. They need to grow a backbone None of them voted enough and were weak.  The irony is the left wing Northerners voted against the left-wing intellectuals. Blame the cardigan and weakness of  Mr Corbyn. Blame Ed Milliband who created this. Nigel Farage meant to be right wing has become their leader.  David Cameron looked more hysterical every day against the brilliant academically superior Boris Johnson. 

Let' us move on, there will be more of a salami effect so we must have humour and make this work. Let's try to keep everything calm. If you don't love England than we won't delay you, but if you love England, find a way around it.  pick up the telephone create new opportunities. Make yourself useful. We are lucky to be in a lifeboat where we can pick up clean and fresh deals in a most positive and democratic way, instead of hanging around in The Titanic, with the old Federal State of the EU, where even the flag cannot burn.

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