Saturday, 18 June 2016


This time, voting is too important to ignore.

I personally, don't need brainwashing, the more people who tell me to stay, sends me to the opposite side. 

These are the facts.

Immigration is out of hand our money is running out of our fingers. The National Health Service is being dismantled and abused. Social handouts, that we pay to people who are old, children, are a necessity however, fifty thousand children get welfare who do not live in England. Sorry Europe can think again. 
In 1972 we were a manufacturing economy and now we are a service economy, our fishing rights don't belong to us but to Holland. Our electricity is EDF instead of LED. We have no say in our Parliament in Europe. The village I grew up is under threat. It is a shame that all the English believe in is replaced with the burka, and people who do not care about our roots. This is a magnificent country and that is why people want to come but enough is enough

The easy choice is to remain, in a stagnant economy, with people who do not care about our British way of life, in my case England. The Europeans want to neutralise us, telling us what bread we can eat, what music we can listen to etc. What everybody forgets is we are Irish, Welsh, Scottish, and English, and generally not United in our views. 

Whilst I am happy I can get a decent takeaway, I am not happy about the Muslim's belief system that clearly states, if they kill one of us that they have done a good deed.  I am thrilled that London has a multi-cultured, rich society from all different backgrounds, rich and poor so do not misunderstand me. I just wish political correctness had not become such a huge problem.

Of course, foreigners will not feel the same, they are not English. They did not grow up smelling our flowers, eating Daisy and Violet from our fields, riding a welsh cob, hunting without seeing a fox, celebrating Princess Diana getting married, our boarding schools,the comradeship you make there that never lets you down. They will not understand our education system, which could be so much better or understand the necessity of our welfare system, to be used only as a security blanket, it is not an absolute but something we set up after the war, to protect those that could not cope.

They will not understand the reputation of the East of London, the working class and the solid stamina that the workforce live their lives. They refuse to understand our silent class system which does not impede people succeeding.
I am fed up with everybody who wants to leave as being seen as bigoted little Englanders and educationally subnormal, it's not the case. Equally being labelled as the killers of the unfortunate Jo Cox. It is terrible that a democratic right to freedom of choice is perceived as being intolerant of society as it is today. Her barely cold body is used against Brexit's  Leave campaign,  guess by whom? This is not about class, race, gender, height, money, social standing but about choice. Since England was a free country some people would like that choice once again. There are no guarantees of success or failure with Remain or Leave, the fear mongering is shameful. It has nothing to do with money but with individual preference. 

Democracy must be allowed. The referendum is offering us a choice on the menu. Shame on the MP's who are stopping people from making up their mind carefully and quietly. I like cold hard facts and then I will make up my mind which is my business in my country. I personally think that Government should be listening to us the people and act upon the result and Cameron and co should be ashamed screaming abuse at his opposition. As a matter of fact, Boris Johnson is cleverer than David Cameron he was the scholar. Equally, the shameful treatment of Nigel Farage even if you are not a fan

is embarrassing and not democratic.  What was Bob Geldof thinking of  last week?  Remember they hid  Ukip ballot papers at the election. It is embarrassing, and Ukip did win enough votes, equalling the size of Scotland.  This is why people are fed up. I am not a supporter of Ukip but a floating voter.  They do however, have their rights, just as the followers of Corbyn and the Labour Party do. 
I am in favour of democracy.
When you tick your box on Thursday,  it will be in private, to protect your privacy.

Whatever the result it is our democratic right,  and we wish to make up our minds on our own.   If we become little England so beit.
The anti establishment is here to stay.

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