Monday, 2 May 2016


The Met Gala, well well well.  How on earth can women who run these adventures believe they have class? We need fresh blood immediately. It needs women with style and panache running the show now. New people.

 I do not like to be unkind but thank goodness for the innate style of the British women, Poppy Delevigne, Bee Shaffer, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who stole the show from  the three blondes, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift plus Nicky Minaj needs immediate help from a stylist.  I can only recommend one to mend this immediate gaff, but you have to read my other blogs to find out who I love and adore.

These stars need encouragement to be elegant. sophisticated and modern and they do not need to look like clowns. At the age of nearly 60, Madonna does not need to try and be young, she looks fabulous as the Queen of Pop. She has her image, she does not need to venture from that. Trying too hard to be cool gives people wrong messages especially when she is the coolest.

The evening was supposed to be forward thinking, celebrating the exciting world of fashion and technology, machine against man,  it was sadly not, the clothes needed to flatter and excite, they did anything but, it was backwards and a disaster, there was no mystery. No glamour and just wild promotion, but ultimately the party was ridiculous. Too much back patting and not enough talent. Sheer self-indulgence.
The only one who had "it" was Alicia Vikander as usual who in Louis Vuitton looked perfectly modern. Hedi Slimane and Saint Laurent was missed on the red carpet, he has the power and vision.

All the stylists used tonight should be immediately sacked, how can they seriously dressed so many fabulous women badly, it's an insult? There is a cruelty in design at the moment which needs to be addressed. These women are serious, but most of the designers are men, perhaps that is the problem?
Thank goodness for the hair stylists and makeup artists who did a pretty good job and who had to an uphill battle to fight against. Shameful waste of money and a sad use of talent.

Best Dressed
Poppy Delevigne
Bee Shaffer
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Alicia Vikander

Worst Dressed and NOT their fault
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift

Needing Emergency help is Nicky Minaj

Dress I would have worn by Calvin Klein on Emma Watson made out of plastic bottles, another English girl.

Where was my favourite stylist, she is unlikely to have had anything to do with this?

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