Thursday, 12 May 2016


My birthday tomorrow makes me realise that all I wish for now is the pleasure cruise, I want to be cool as the champagne I am sipping and all I want to watch and listen to is Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. I do not want to hear the words gash, slash, flash and brash. I just want classic glamour.  All I care  about now is who I care about in that particular moment.  It is my business and my business only. I shall make sure that it is sunny all day tomorrow and all day next week too, I intend to  achieve world peace. I shall conjure rain only at night otherwise it makes my hair frizzy.  Thank goodness when people gossip they are only talking about my public life, and they have no idea of my private life.
I now need moments of peace which I did not need when I was younger.
I don't need drama, especially other peoples. I need to exfoliate.
I am what I am and I do not need other people's conflict.
I am only interested in my own artistic endeavors.
I do not need other people's dirty linen or their imitation plastic lives.
I have dealt with my solitude and I let go of it with my reluctant fingers.
I intend to create magic instead.
I need the three S's, stillness, silence and solitude my three wishes.
By the way, I heard a story about a household name recently who built her fortress so high that she could not see that the paparazzi were no longer there.
All I want to read tomorrow is what is in my birthday card.

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