Wednesday, 9 March 2016


I went to an opening of the garden at The Ivy in Kensington for International Woman's Day. I arrived only to have the photographers telling me that someone is gatecrashing using my name. They think my name holds some magical power and it will be open sesame for them. Apparently it is a blonde Russian woman.There are 20 gate crashers in London that regularly steal people's names to enter places that they can't get in.  I said to get a photograph of her and make a wall of shame.
In any case, with all the drama the garden is nice as is the one in Chelsea.

Women are continually in my thoughts, I love them. My twenty-four favourite women are as follows although there are another thirty that I love dearly too, these pop into my mind today.

1.  Countess Marina Cicogna, 

2.  Rushka Bergman Stylist to the stars

3.  Kay Saatchi Art collector

4.  Fizzy Barclay Ruler of the world

5.   Julia Laverne witch and guru

6.   Nainita Dessai Composer and I have done magic so she wins an Oscar soon,

7.   Inesa de la Roche, photographer

8.   Jessica Andrews, film producer

9.   Henriett Tunyogi, dancer

10.  Natalia Souza hairdresser and adopted daughter.

11.  Ana Lisa Arang my Houskeeper that I love and adore at the moment

12.  Carol Morely director

13.  Cate Blanchett, actress

14. Trinny, fashion guru ITV morning programme

15.  Mrs Alice in her Palace and her mother Serena. Alice Naylor Leyland

16. Sophie Dimitrova singer.

17. Angela Kalinowski hairdresser LA

18. Diane Von Furstenburg, clothes hostess

19. Tracey Emin artist

20. Jerry Hall, clever, model.

21. Emma O Byrne makeup artist

22. Franca Sozzani Director of Italian Vogue

23. Amanda Nevill BFI

24. Loree Rodkin Jeweller

These women's achievements speak for themselves.

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