Thursday, 3 March 2016


As I was leaving The Vanity Fair Party, the petite redhead, Isla Fisher, came up to me and said "Do you think I am badly dressed? The fashion police say I look dreadful",  I said "Why you look good to me? What do I know, I am just the Fashion Editor of Genlux Magazine, a filmmaker and an artist. I put a warm doughnut into my mouth provided  by the Vanity Fair caterers, to stop hunger.  Her tall husband looked handsome and yet I did not recognise it was Sasha Baron Cohen, who as Bruno, was one of the funniest men on the planet. His wife, continued, "Don't the Fashion Police know I have to look after three children, what do the newspapers expect, I did the best I could do" She looked pretty to me in her green and white dress, but green is a "difficult" colour.  I was reminded of a quote from Downton Abbey.

A week ago before the Oscars it had been nil by mouth, I had a dress to fit into and a trip to the Mayr Clinic and Althausee, starvation. I saw so many stars this week behaving in normal ways that the mystique disappeared. I usually just like seeing them on the red carpet, posing, with beautifully applied makeup and hair. Girls nowadays seem to be two foot taller than in the 1980's and as I looked round the room the only woman who had curves of the 1950's was Lady Gaga, she wore a copy of the Marilyn dress and  had "Rita Heyworth" hair.
Scanning the room I thought, where were all the "It" girls from the year 2000, there were none there, and the only familiar faces were Sam Taylor-Wood, Lynn Wyatt, Vassi Chamberlain and makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. It says a lot. The Vanity Fair party is bang up to date, there are few hangers on and you had better stay fit and photogenic.  Where were all the stars from twenty years ago? Everybody looked suddenly very young.

I am definitely not giving up. I still want to win an Oscar just like I wanted to be Head Girl.  After all, let's not lie,  it's fun being the sparkliest girl in the room. I enjoy being a showgirl.  I love Vanity, I love all the Deadly Sins, especially pride.

Elton Johns party was completely different from Vanity Fair and I was pleased to have been invited to both. Elton played his top ten numbers and everybody went wild. With a red theme throughout they raised six million for Aids. My chapeau is off to them.

Another party that was also organised to perfection was the party of Diane von Furstenberg's, I was greeted by 20 waiters in white uniforms, on the lawns of a perfect Beverly Hills Mansion. A picnic with a twist.

Strangely I also had two gay men say that they no longer wanted to be gay after ten or so years, asking if I would I seduce them?. This city is full of unexpected delights, but really, I would rather have a warm doughnut beautifully presented at the Vanity Fair party than get into a man's bed that was not sure of his sexuality.

As for the films,  I loved Danish Girl and I am disappointed.
I am  also fed up with talk of equality, there is no equality, there is always somebody better and prettier, more talented, that is life.  You can always be replaced, you will always have to try harder. However, it does not stop you having a go yourself.  It was fun seeing so many good looking talented creatures, it has, in my opinion, nothing to do with colour or race, just a word of advice, make use of every opportunity and nearly always say yes.

The best event of the week was seeing Ennio Morricone win an Oscar for Hateful8 and a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, organised by Pascal Vicedomini, it was sparkling and I was happy that Mr Tarantino loved my glasses, what more does a girl want? An Oscar of course.

Pascal Vicedomini and Marina Cicogna

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