Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Here is the link to my film which I have decided to be brave enough and release. I was going to hide it and let it collect dust, but it was a labour of love with all the ups and downs of a family member.
I loved making it. A documentary drama based on my life with music that I adore and working with my son Charles Eliasch whom I love.

The gun the cake and the butterfly is dramatic and swiftly moves,"Jarringly Frank"Indie Press said of it. It won the Lena Wertmuller prize set up for her husband at The Ischia Film and Music Festival and Inesa de la Roche from The Dark Theatre wrote this
It was a real pleasure watching the film "The Gun, The Cake and The Butterfly" by Amanda Jane Eliasch!
The whole complexity of life inside one woman's world is full of sparks and mystery...
She playfully guides you through her personal stories and deeply touching intimate thoughts... She transforms into many women and becomes a multilayered goddess who masters her own destiny.
Amanda gently undresses her soul in front of the audience, leaving herself transparent and exposed... She expressed her loneliness through all poetic and romantic journey, she gets hurt, she burns and then she rises like a Phoenix, humour heals every wound in her nostalgic and imaginative world... Amanda rules her creative and seductive Empire with her courage, confidence, intelligence and consciousness... It is her first film and it is an extraordinary achievement! I admire the way she have chosen to make her personal film in her own style, she knew exactly what she wanted and how to express her world cinematically as visual poetry, perhaps not polished the way Hollywood would perfect and sterilise any sort of reality which in most cases completely spoils the experience of real life, but Amanda's Eliasch film gives you the feeling of purity, honesty of life in cinema, leaving you deeply touched visually, wondering, questioning and mirroring your own feelings through her intimately fascinating and heart braking experiences... It's a magnificent 21st century liberated woman's film! The film maker Amanda Eliasch is a passionate artist, unstoppable visionary, she has no limitations within her confidence, creativity and endless imagination to manifest her own visions! There is so much to learn from her film and to be inspired by her honest and unique approach to making films!
Inesa De La Roche

I am now onto making my next film which is completely different and about The life of Egon Schiele and his love story with Wally Neuzil.
The Cardinal and The Nun.

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