Sunday, 6 March 2016


Angus steak house which is on every corner of Leicester Square, nowadays decorated with chic red brick and dark grey paint, the hostesses wearing sharp copies of Prada last season, and the men willingly running around to my every wish. Chinese girls to the right and an English and Jamaican couple to the left.

What was I to eat?. My friend the brunette chose wisely a large plate of thick beef ribs, too much meat for me running across my plate, so I chose Chilli con Carne which arrived in a swing, like a cauldron of rouge gruel slightly luke warm. I had to return it I could taste a tin or two.
Everything beautifully presented, if not a little predictable.

As I left the abrupt waiter said "This is not a fast food restaurant" Everybody laughed behind his back. Get me a private jet out of here.

As for the film Spotlight directed by Tom McCarthy, which I had forgotten. I was questioned by the brunette if I had already seen this film, I could not remember until unfortunately the first scene when I realised I had seen it at its premiere at The Venice Film Festival. It is dangerous for me to go out in public, my friend said surprisingly "I thought you only did premieres?" How right he is. Saturday night in Leicester Square is a claustrophobic experience for any Londoner.
The film is full of interchangeable parts that anybody could have played. The sort of film that gets mixed up with loads of others hardly deserved an Oscar.  Despite talk of it, there were no explicit scenes  and just suggestions of unsavoury and  illegal behaviour. As I left the usherette said to another punter "Its won an oscar, I think" Every time it became a tiny bit interesting there was an edit. Fastly edited with filming in corridors lifts and courtrooms. There was no sex or murder just talk of it. Black Mass was the same with Johnny Depp. Why do script writers find courtrooms interesting? Has to be the wigs?
Luckily I had a second dinner, yes the Mayr Clinic is out of the window. I had a surprisingly delicious dinner in Savini at the Criterion beautifully cooked spaghetti and dishy men. It was the same price as Angus Steak House with a couple of drinks included. There we are.
This morning I have been dealing with the press who want to have my views on Helena Bonham Carter's dress sense, what can I say, I liked Jerry Hall yesterday in pale blue, a great choice of man, and a great choice in the wedding dress, designed by Vivienne Westwood. Last week she introduced me to her man in a wonderfully charming way, so happy and he too at Diane Von Furstenberg's party in Los Angeles.
Today I have a mid-life crisis and now have to deal being stuck between a Christmas Cracker and an Easter Egg. Help, it's Mother's Day and I may have been forgotten.

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