Monday, 14 March 2016


Laura Jeffreys my lovely, quiet, friend will have her funeral on Tuesday 22nd March and it seriously feels surreal. Laura was so delightfully English. With a beautiful figure in a flowery dress or jeans, we would have been friends for 43 years, since the days when we used to ride, lying on the back of our ponies to The Tedworth Hunt and it's local Pony Club, to her painting and plastering our house at 31 Chester Square, when I was married. She died last week after a short illness with Motor Neurons disease, it was all so sudden, she followed her lovely son, who also died last year.  Laura  created her own unique world,  and she lived it. It is not the words I will miss but the silence. I used to say to Laura all the time "Did you hear what I said" 
She never once said I had outrageous taste, or that I was eccentric, she let me be the way I wanted and together we explored colour and life.  She used to love it ,the good thing about her was that she made no judgement at all. 
I love her family, Christopher, Charlie Jeffreys and Rose Prince, as if they were my own. Thank goodness last night I found the photographs  which are excellent, taken by the brilliant photographer Von Einsidel of 31 Chester Square, London SW1. Once the house of writer John Osbourne. I lived here from 1991-2008. The previous owner was Mary Gilliat his ex-wife, the interior designer, and it had chains from the 1960's and was designed then by famous Architect Sir Hugh Casson. I loved its  huge copper doors that came off the set of  Osbourne's play Luther at the Royal Court. Laura added to its eccentricity complimenting Casson's unusual ideas

Luckily Laura died surrounded by her wonderful family support   Indiana Marie JeffreysSonamara Jeffreys, and many others, she had so wanted to live, but sadly life was quickly taken from her.

When Charlie rightly said I was vain and that I loved myself when I made a film about my life, she told him off teasingly telling him it was art, she was like that, she rang me afterwards to tell me. There was so much laughter when we were young I owe her a lot, she had the best dress sense when she was a teenager, great taste, she set the pattern of my life, Laura made me look at architecture a different way. I will always miss her after all who will paint a bedroom for me again, black pink and gold? The funny thing is that this week Rose Prince said to me "You know she also did the house you are living in now" That was a seriously camp affair before I modernised it. It belonged to Lord Cadogan and it had pillars when you entered the house, a gold and white bath in the centre of the room on a platform. Rag rolling everywhere. Laura, you will live on in some unchanged drawing room of London that recognises your beautiful work. Help I better rescue the bright blue dining room at 31 Chester Square.. damn it is probably mushroom by now. 

Laura was brave, she dealt with every calamity with calm and good grace. With great humour and pride. 

A message for Laura should you be able to see.
You have hopefully gone to a better place. I will be staying with Charlie and Rose a little longer we have a little more mischief to get up to  Love you forever in my heart and soul.

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