Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ten good things about Los Angeles, Ten bad

10 good things about Los Angeles

1. Teeth fixed
2.  Botox brilliantly done
3.  Hair extensions and colour for blondes unbeatable
4.  Diet clinics
5.  Film crew to follow you
6.  Weather and the outside, the ocean
7.  Self help books, how to be nice, without anybody noticing its fake.
8.   The desire to exercise
9.   Fake stardom
10. You can purchase a billboard

10 bad things about Los Angeles
1.  Leaf blowers
2.  Conmen
3.  The garbage uncollected
4.  Property tax 
5.  Anybody over 30 is in the waste disposal
6.  white shoes
7.  Too tight bando dresses over huge fake bottoms
8.   White stick on nails
9.   Reality shows to get fame, making the human race educationally subnormal. 
10.. Trash anybody except yourself at the table, you are of course in therapy.

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