Thursday, 11 February 2016


I have this friend that just cannot resist from telling me on an hourly basis that I am a woman of uncertain age.  Yesterday I told her that I was giving my clothes to my cousins who are 15-20, she said  "Why on earth would they want "Old bag" clothes? Well, except for her, everybody loves my dressing up rooms of clothes. They loved my wardrobe when I was young and now when I am of uncertain age, they rummage happily through the neat railings of  hats, gloves,  black dresses, jackets lipstick and pearls.
I always have love clothes, since the age of two years old,  nothing will make me give it up.
Because of my friends nagging I am always either fighting the flab or addressing age.
I decided to look for some non invention ways for staying young. I love Botox, a facelift, eating healthily, keeping my brain fit, but now I want to try the newish magic on the scene. Yesterday at my ex boyfriend's office in Wimpole Street,  Dr Jean Louis Sebagh showed me a machine that literally in minutes can refresh your face and body, breaking down the layers beneath your skin, it continues to work for many days afterwards. Of course you must stay the correct weight for your body and eat healthily. It is called Ultraformer 111. Despite being a sissy with pain, I held my friends hand.  Within minutes my pal was saying "Take the pain, you have no idea how good you are looking" I clenched my fists, and dreamt I was on a beach sunning myself.
I arrived home a little shattered, but as I looked in the mirror I realised my cheeks had indeed gone a little higher. "Fuck the planet" it worked, I immediately forgot the pain and booked in for another session.

I always think of myself as fifteen and now with the empty nest syndrome and my sons leaving, I would like to be considered for fostering a child.  I rang around to find out about it today, the girls answering the telephones were helpful and I was told it is about a 4-6 month process. Whether or not I get accepted is another question, but I feel we should all give back where we can. I have a wonderful life and would like to share the luck.
With so many children in need of a chance in life I thought I would see if I get accepted. At least I will keep busy.

On a completely different note but this time about beautiful photography. Douglas Slocombe director of photographer is 103 today. Famous for filming L Shaped Room and the Servant. So after a little beauty treatment I shall put my feet up and watch them once more.

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