Sunday, 29 November 2015


Several weeks ago I was screamed at for twenty minutes on a telephone accusing me of many things but one that I was a Granny.  I thought, the surgery has worked. Heaven forbid that you reach the age of a Granny? I think it is a case of trying to bully, I remember the same type of people at school? Obviously the people who said it, felt old and tacky. Previously I had done a photograph saying BooHoo to Bullying, then two weeks later it was my turn. They thought it was an insult,  that I would immediately forgive them as well? I have news for them and any others, I would love to be a Granny, those fortunate enough to get to an age of over 38, in this world, with a new born grandchild are surely blessed?. I would  enjoy the experience. There is a preconception in the world  that if you are older than 45, you are going nowhere, judging by the list of brilliant women below it seems a little inaccurate. This is all so very silly, 50 years from now none of these people will exist or be remembered. Even funnier the people accusing were over 45 themselves and one as old as 53, they think I forget, yet I was at their 30th birthday.
On top of that surely they know that anything said is better than nothing at all and is usually a reflection of themselves not of the person they are bitching about. However, I would rather people talked about me when I left the room then I do not have to thump them.

Women that are interesting  over 45 and potential Grannies are pretty spectacular. Women no longer have white curls and a row of pearls they have style panache and are capable of ruling the world. They hopefully have a grandchild too.

Marina Abramovich Artist
Belinda Carlisle Musician
Madonna Musician
Hilary Clinton Politician
Her Majesty The Queen
Crystal Brinkley Actress
Cher Musician
Dame Joan Collins Actress
Tracey Emin Artist
Elizabeth Hurley Actress
Helen Mirren Actress
Loree Rodkin, Jeweller
Marina Cicogna Photographer Producer.

and so on, never underestimate the power of the brain, time and beauty combined.

With Paris suffering a major dilemma, this all looked so petty and unnecessary. Why on earth would I want this in my life?
To get some unity in my life,  I have started to work on a new film project with my good friend for thirty years, Lyall Watson. We share a love of Egon Schiele and drama. Writing with new ideas has a brilliant way of stimulating the memory bank. Today I learnt about the creature named Krampas who haunts little children when don't behave with sticks and putting them in sacks. In villages up and down Austria children this week end will have to perform a piece of poetry or say a prayer in order not to be scolded  by this devil like creature in shape of a bear. He was obviously written about in the child stealer in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Anyway I want the part. We should bring this to the rest of Europe and the states. Sounds terrifying to me and he sounds a bit of a bully too.
In the meantime I can't wait for wedding bells in the air. I have had a proposal or two.

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