Friday, 23 October 2015


With so much happening last week I decided to take a trip to the country and visit beautiful places in England. I drove for 580 miles to see family, travelling to Cornwall and Devon.
Totally stunning even though it was pouring with rain. Visiting Lew Trenchard Hotel.  Charming romantic gothic grey stone Manor House turned into a luxurious hotel in the middle of the Devonshire countryside, three hours from London. You need to be madly in love there or you could be depressed if you have to face your life. I loved it. There were open fires and home made jams. I felt perfectly at home.
I had a yummy lunch beforehand at the Arundell Alms at Lifton Place, Dartmoor. Oxtail stew and pate with my family. Cosy and very busy for this time of year. A far cry from the fashion and art worlds I was walking around last week. Afterwards I fell in the love with Mylor a sleepy seaside town in Cornwall. I could actually live there.


Previously I had been with my lovely cousins  for two days. An eye opener for me. They had a passion for Made in Chelsea, the programme which if you follow their advice, you will definitely make huge mistakes. Telling the truth could guarantee a total collapse of your love life?  I live in Cheyne Walk, and there is little about Chelsea in it at all. They were so prudishly pretentious yet they were sleeping around and telling tales. The demise of the The Sloane Ranger has led to a bunch of super rich Euros and Essex girls taking their place. The cast did all the things that when I was young would have guaranteed a slap round my face. No humour, no dress sense with pseudo upperclass accents, the real Sloane Ranger can tell the difference, just like a knock off handbag. You might make huge social errors copying Made in Chelsea if you intend to climb that ladder.  The answer is do not confide in anyone if you wish a quiet life, so I decided to leave for greener pastures. The most likeable person was Binky, all long lashes and nails.  Victoria Beckham gets away with white jeans.  Should you wish to you can study Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

Now there is real opportunity to see true fashion and style at the Saatchi Gallery. I suggest all you Chelsea Girls can take an opportunity to learn the real art of fashion. Ravishingly put together, with diamonds and film, Karl takes us through the enchanted world of Madmoiselle Prive, the life of Chanel  with a contemporary twist. Karl never gets old and tired. He does 8 shows a year with ease as he swiftly takes you into the modern era glamorously. Taking over the whole of the Saatchi Gallery he combines fashion with art. What better place to show the best that beautiful women of the world have worn since the 1920's, when hats and gloves the norm. Born towards the end of the 19th Century, Coco Chanel originally came from humble origins and became as we all the most stylish woman alive. Never boring,  her private life was as exciting as the designs she drew. If you have not already gone, fans of Made in Chelsea should throw away their tanning lotion and fake eyelashes, and take notes from Coco on how best to steal a man and stay quiet. A dressmaker who learned to seduce some of the most powerful men in the world. Despite  topiary trees in the Saatchi gallery, greenery was needed for my soul to recover the indulgences of last week. For me, there is nothing quite like the white collars and cuffs of a Chanel Jacket.

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