Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Two things I feel enthusiastic about this week are Putin and the collection by Sarah Burton for Alexander Mcqueen. Putin because amongst our lily livered politicians he has showed courage to sort the mess out that was made by someone else, without too much fuss, and of course doing so he has left himself open to criticism, but not by me. He was authoritarian, gallant, elegant and articulate.
When all the world attention was on the behaviour of the Pope and how wonderful he was, Putin quietly spoke. I could easily become his mind control slave. Hopefully he can improve the situation in the future for the poor Syrians so that there is no need for them to escape their previous lives forever. Merkel should not win the Nobel Prize, but actually Putin should be considered. Of course he is protecting his Naval base and a pipeline.
Back to Paris to the lightness of fashion, despite the world falling apart it seems in full swing this fashion week.
I totally loved the fashion show of Alexander Mcqueen. Sarah Burton, is not Lee Mcqueen, she shows us hidden treasure in Granny's trunk, to live with what we have, rather than find something totally new. She feels  like she would like to find  solace in Grimm's Fairy Tales and nostalgia, to a magical land where the war and refugees are forgotten for a second, leather jackets were worn with long narrow chiffon and distressed skirts. The hair was worn up in a  Pre Raphaelite style, and for twenty minutes we were taken into a other world where life was full of pretty thoughts and dreams. Mostly in cream the materials were structured yet distressed. The only vibrant colour was shown in some dashing red jackets worn over black long dresses.

Oh so sweet and oh so young, girls boys, Karl teaches us to travel.  Fabrics felt young as the brilliant Karl Largerfeld has no trouble pushing boundaries with fabric. Pure wool, with brightly coloured chiffon. The models walked to the music sounded as if it was from a Japanese department store. Egalitarian to a fault yet so exclusive, Karl looks after all editors giving them all great seats. I loved the make up and hair  still managing to keep this house cutting edge.If only our Airports looked as good, the Grand Palais is a standard hard to beat. Rush rush rush.

Tutti Frutti elegance. Up to the mark respect to Mr Lagerfeld. I always dress up for the airport just incase somebody has to rip my knickers away.
Keep light and happy, during this period when everything appears to fall apart. After all we all want to be here together forever in this plastic and light world.  We were shown this week three unmasked musketeers who tried to make things work, Putin, Lagerfeld and The Pope.

On another note for thanksgiving it's a time to reflect.
Labels are limiting and thought patterns too that are not yours but somebody else's. This month I was called "beautiful, tacky, tasteful, brilliant, talented, a demon, articulate, petulant, calm, reckless, amusing, witty, well dressed, common, classy a granny, a sex pot, thick, intelligent, patronised and encouraged, right wing, left wing.  Earlier this year one girl from Los Angeles said she wanted to put her stiletto heal through my head when I told her she might be late for her red carpet entrance at the Oscars.  Nothing shocks me anymore as other people's opinion is just that, not reliable good or bad.  The problem is when somebody's ego is huge and their self confidence is fragile. I am at an age, 55, when I do not need to look as if I am expecting an erection when I see a man.  I welcome the work of  @Boohoo2Bullying. To sue would be as déclassé and  tacky as the people spilling the beans. Of course by now I realise that when people speak it is a reflection of themselves.  Human politics like war and opinion, is similar and very destructive, petty as it is variable. At this time of year it is a good idea to think about how to improve yourself and how to help others.Everybody could be kinder. The most important qualities in a person for me are loyalty and humour. Mostly a person hides behind the very thing that they say they would never do. Despite the glamour, the work on themselves, the talent, when they open their mouths, just ugly comes out.
I do not need anything thank goodness as I get older, the more unencumbered  I am, the better. I like to be free. When people are argumentative, I am happy to deal with my loneliness and move away. I do not need constant approval and do not feel insecure or criticise. I just need to enjoy the pleasure cruise with my close family and real friends.
There are  still  eight languages to learn, Pop Art, Bach, long walks, Architecture, writing and philosophy, to enjoy. Also something to consider "If you cannot be on your own you will not fully understand how to love or like anything" There are fashion shows to see.
Luckily, after this I am on a journey now to visit a Palazzo in Venice of great beauty where the views are as good as the Canaletto's it houses.


1. Eric Buterbaugh's candles and scent, anything and every delightful smell will do.

2.  Any Loree Rodkin ring would be incredibly generous, I also love her collection for
Rick Owens.

3.  A chair from Mark Brazier Jones to add to my collection.

4.  A make up set from Charlotte Tilbury with a video on how to create illusions.

5.  Tobi Tobin chocolate would be delicious.

6.  A small Chanel bag/Wallet so chic.

7.  A hat by Victoria Grant

8.  A round the world airline ticket

9.  A ticket to Tony Robbin's  seminars to help create life's great moments.

10.Ten books from Book soup for my coffee table.

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