Monday, 21 September 2015


When everybody else enjoys a bacon sandwich, even Milliband, goodness me can't our Prime Minister enjoy gammon, pork sausages, giblets and short ribs, also?  Couldn't he taste some little pork scratchings, or a pork chop with a kidney on the side?  Obviously trotters don't do it for him?
The gossip in the new unauthorised biography "Call me Dave"  just teaches every young person that they should be aware that what they do when they are 18, comes out later to haunt them, especially if you are famous and successful. Is it true and does it matter? The Telegraph is suggesting that the sources are questionable.

 I just think it makes our Dave  look a trifle more interesting. Sadly the unfortunate bitter writings of a person who could have been more intelligent, after all it makes Dave the Etonian a bit of a geezer?  Perhaps this is why Lord Ashcroft was not offered the positions he thought he deserved, and now surely  he will never have them?  As for "Dave" he will have to laugh this one off as the jokes will continue until we are bored.

Wasn't a suckling pig good enough for Dave?  I suppose he did it in the days before we knew about swine flu? You know what he has done, he has taken a silk purse and made into a pigs ear.
When he decided to initiate the pig had it been in the oven yet?  Did he take the apple out of his mouth?
Anyway enough of this I am off to Marks and Spencer for a bag of  Percy Pigs.

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