Sunday, 2 August 2015

RETURN HOME AND FIGHT FOR YOUR OWN BELIEFS, the English do not condone freeloaders.

What rights do immigrants have that want to come to England, travelling like rats through the Tunnel?. Costing millions as they fight through fences, jumping on lorries. I hate to tell them that we have very little to give, yet they are receiving supposedly thirty five pounds a day. After all we live in huge ponzi scheme ourselves, so before the government think about helping these people they should look after our own first. Then of course you can enter the UK legally through the EU and receive a bonus for doing so?

Of course the government will do what is the right thing and feed their children, give them benefits social housing when really the immigrants should go back home and fight for the re building of their own countries.  These people are costing us millions and these people are not warriors, not responsible and proving to be moral cowards. Why not work hard to defend their country and stop trying to enter ours?  We have nothing to offer. We have a depleted National purse that can barely afford to look after its own. Why do these people expect shelter?. We have to build several new schools immediately to educate our own children. If we put all these people into England, in say Trafalgar Square, soon the 500 a day will fill up and there will be no places.  This is the nightmare. Why do they feel England is the place for them? The English, despite the lectures on political correctness, don't condone free loaders and people who run away from terror. If these people wish to live in a better country why not return to their Mother country and re build it? Our government really should think about the poor in our own country.  What do these people think they are going to eat in England?  Do they think they are arriving in America, stepping through their 50 inch television screens and living the dream with Jennifer Anniston and having tea with the Queen?

At the moment I have news for them, the elderly get six  thousand pounds a year as their pension and am sure as brave warriors from the World War 11, who fought for the Health service they will not appreciate the endless people from countries like Tunisia.  Perhaps there could be something more sinister and people will have to accept less pay as the immigrants seize the jobs of the people living in the UK forcing The British to accept less pay?

The Guardian reports that immigrants will be sent back without the right papers.

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