Thursday, 20 August 2015


For a month I have lived diets and I feel I am going to go mad if I hear the word DIET again. I now truly understand that they do not work and that really you have to change the way you perceive food for the rest of your life. I also realised I had a bad relationship with food. I got a call from one of my best girlfriends a month ago saying she was desperate. She had put on so much weight that she did not know where to start. I told her to come and spend the Summer with me. She had told me when I was fourteen, spotty and feeling ugly, that I would be pretty when I was fifty and that was enough for me to embark on helping her. The three weeks have passed by in a flash.
Step 1, I had fun buying clothes for size 22, I went to Marks and Spencers to buy a swimsuit and a coat, New Look for trendy tops and easy bottoms, I went to Boo Hoo dot com and loved the array of wonderful pieces that were beautifully cut for the larger female. I was happy and my friend was happy. and that was step one. She spent the whole night trying them on, and I thought if nothing else this has boosted her morale.
Step two I realised that overeating, like alcoholism, is an horrendous illness.,when a person does this to themselves they are not well. Fourteen pounds with a life time of stories is understandable but I found it hard to relate and understand my beautiful friend doing this to herself. I had to work on myself too, have patience when I was bored talking about it, and help and cherish my friend during the process. She had to accept my help which could be overbearing if you are not in the right mood.

Step three I took her to the Mayr Clinic in Austria which was a huge success. In her new kit she swung into the action of swimming everyday and walking in the hills of Althausee. She realised the importance of allergies and what nourished her body. It is a good idea to have a test for this at the beginning of the stay so that the doctors can help you adjust correctly to their diet which includes chewing your food to help digestion. Starvation can be good for you and releases the youth hormone.
I got as excited over her weight loss, and she started to look happier. She also was taking many pills, e.g. HRT, Prozac and other pills given to her by the medical profession which did not help her state of mind.  She was brave and took positive actions to work out what was necessary and what was not.

Step Four  I took her to the diet doctor, Century City Weight Loss in Los Angeles, who was eager for her success saying that in a short while she would be back to Normal. I  found that now she had lost 13 pounds in just 21days from really eating healthily and at the right hours, 8am, 13pm and 18pm.
Of course I was by now exhausted and had to finish a house in Palm Springs.

Step Five I am sending fun messages for my friend to follow through with, e.g. what she would like to wear in five months time, the men she would like to kiss, thesports she would like to do, and the interests she would like to take up, let's hope it all works out.

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