Sunday, 5 July 2015


There is a lot I wish to say at the moment, but given the problems and our desire for "political correctness" in the world, it is tricky.  I look around the world and our leaders are diplomatic, there is nothing outrageous coming out of the mouths of David Cameron or Barack Hussein Obama, This is their entrance to the political arena, they know when to speak. Notice that however many votes Nigel Farage got, he did not get in. I put my hands up to being intimidated, I admit to having a bad tummy if I look carefully round the world and see heads rolls. I am intimated but not frighted of death or violence. I am waiting for others to be brave enough to say what should be said. I don't mind dying but I would rather die normally not from these murderous bastards in the Middle East.

In the last war all Germans were suspect and put into war camps. ISIS have done a disservice to their own. They have made every Muslim in England a suspect. The malady that we helped educate has turned. What a surprise. Of course Enoch Powell would be turning around in his grave. He had warned us. Tell me what lunacy of the police to let a man go who was wearing an ISIS flag outside the Houses of Parliament, when David Cameron said last year that anybody who did this could experience the wrath of our police force? Was the man just saved because of political correctness and a child on his shoulders?
Women have to stop vaginal mutilation. Women are the only people who can stop this. The only voice a woman has is the screaming heard as it is performed on her.
The burka and the niqab has to go.  In England it is socially unacceptable, offensive, medieval and badly educated to hide your face. It shows you need to hide something unpleasant. We have not worn a "wimple" since the 14th Century. Thank goodness for the artwork at the Venice Bienale questioning the use of the garb and the muslims migrating in their thousands to Europe..
By removing the burka they remove fear. This is outrageous and would have never happened if ISIS had not risen among us, but it did.  Uniformity used to be punishment, in prison you are given a number and a hat. Perhaps women in burkas are faceless drones? I am asking to remove the Hijab and the niqab.  I think men use this garb to skulk about hiding. The muslims in the population must understand the fear they have created. With this in mind they may start to put pressure on the extremists within our midst.
When I see these women, I see oppression and this ignorance creates fear and lack of understanding.
People may not say anything, they may just  raise their eyebrows, but they are all thinking the same thing, but are terrified to say anything. Some people don't even know because they don't read newspapers, watch the news, they may just watch the transformation of Caitlin Jenner, the Kardashian's or the equality of all sexes to be able to marry each other. It is funny that the three girls who left for Syria loved the Kardashians who are in fact Armenian Christians. For their education any surname ending with" ian" is Christian so perhaps they should get new role models? What happened to the women who left their husbands taking the children behind? Were the men left to collect our cash to pension book? Should these girls be allowed home?. In my mind they should have their passports revoked. As a British Citizen your passport does not belong to you, but is on loan from the British Government.
We are careful to pick our words so as to not offend. There are radicals are amongst us, that is certain, and they are not Syrian, not Iranian, but third generation born and bred Liverpudlians.
We do not allow Enoch Powell to be uttered yet we allow a group called Cage to have an audience. We live in a free society which is great, and it makes Britain valuable and interesting, but do not expect all of us to understand each other or agree, because we don't.
The standard of dress amongst us is  appalling if you walk down Oxford Street, t-shirt material is far too prevalent and nobody seems to know except when Ascot is on,  what to wear. T shirts were originally made for underwear. Perhaps we all need to cover up a bit?. There is nothing more revolting to look at than people who don't suit shorts, wearing them. Even the burka is not made of T Shirt material.
The burka is a problem for me personally, because I can't tell whether it's this season, next season or so last year. You can't see if its "designer" or not. Does it come wrapped in tissue or just a plastic bag.? Does it come with matching underwear, socks and gloves? Are women under it just too damn pretty too looked at, or are they just too damn ugly? I am told by my Middle Easter friends that apparently they are are wearing red high heels and silk underwear, under them?  I think I shall infiltrate and see how they like it? I shall join them with two transvestites I know and two girls who lunch, and giggle at them under the black terrifying garb? No, actually I have more respect.
I suppose you can tell a grand one when you see the Balenciega bag.
If we all put a sheet over our head with a pointy bit,  would we be able to tell who was who, or would the Muslims think we were a member of the Klu Klux Klan?.
Hi Mary, is that you under there? At least with Telly Tubbies you could tell who was who and they came in all colours shapes and sizes, very egalitarian.

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