Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Human beings have always been attached to cruelty whether in human relationships or with nature.
They can be sweet loving but boy they can easily turn. There is nothing that can shock us anymore we are thoroughly manipulated by terror and politics. Iraq is no longer Iraq and I can only hope that Iran stays calm as it's borders are bullied.
The human race can be cold, controlling and disingenuous, equally they can be the opposite. Loving adoring and enthusiastic. How can the different factions of Muslims fight each other? They are because we did, Catholics against the Protestants.
There can be nothing  worse than cruelty to an animal that can't talk, that can't fight back? I have become almost completely vegetarian and see only animals walking across my plate. Green is best and after my week at Anthony Robbins I feel I am completely brain washed to do good things. This is a miracle. 

I have so many dreams of making life more positive for others. Helping the Elephant, helping the Rhino. Helping the old and young artists in this country.  I wish to open an agency for the young and enthusiastic "creatives". I need a vibrant, attractive person who likes this industry to get these adults working and at the same time helping themselves.. Anybody out there should contact me. An enthusiastic support group for young and older artists around the world. A refreshing CAA. We would share profits and you could work in your own time when you wanted. I think this should be the case anyway. People work better when they have natural freedom. I want to help all nationalities in this country in the arts to make it a better world through opera, music, photography, painting and theatre. This is the only way people will listen hopefully and become "Life Enhancers"through their abilities.
Now back to the grindstone and moving..

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