Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Something shocked me yesterday when I heard about the talented composer James Horner dying in an aeroplane crash. The clever man wrote Titanic. The film that is based on a lie but never mind. His oscar winning music is known to all of us around the world.
There are some stories that are always intriguing. The Titanic I believe was not the ship that sunk but was infact that sister ship the Olympian. The boat that was about to be scrapped with no insurance but instead was renamed in secret and replaced the Titanic. All the people concerned kept the secret and at the time the ports had hundreds of employees that could keep a secret. They were blackmailed and told to never tell anybody. They could lose their jobs with a little indiscretion and there was no welfare state back then. What happened to the real Titanic, I will have to check.

My son Jack's dog Ulysses also died last week, a beautiful black greyhound, it feels like the end of the era. I went with my sons, Charles and Jack to find them outside Paris. The breeder Bleu Manoir bred championship show greyhounds. When we arrived there were about thirty puppies running around and in amongst them two beautiful black puppies, Ulysses and Unicorn  stood out. The boys and I fell in love immediately and took them back on my ex's jet to the South of France. Their the puppies ruled for a few years. Our time is always borrowed. We own nothing, we are just custodians. So I had three of four years of greyhounds jumping into bed with me.  Unicorn died six years ago from a twisted gut and Ulysses was incredibly sad. He used to cry round the house. So we bought him a play friend called Madame M, black and sleek. She now lives their with a labrador so is perfectly happy.
Good or bad, nothing lives forever so just enjoy precious moments.

I wish people did not feel they own things, we just borrow and look after them for the time we have. We are the custodians of beautiful things for a time, we have to hand over to others for their future enjoyment.
I have been so busy this Summer with the Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Ascot, travelling, friends staying, the opera, trying to move, not succeeding, that time just rushes by.  I went to see Traviata which was wonderful and Marina Rebeka had a standing ovation at the Royal Opera House singing the part of Violetta. I enjoyed The Audience with Kristen Scott Thomas, and was thoroughly spooked by The Alexander Mcqueen show at the Victoria and Albert Museum. With wonderful weather in London what a Summer it has been.

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