Tuesday, 5 May 2015


All of us are learning to be kind and good, with Kundalini classes and the latest techniques on how to be NLP'd sweet. I at least have been working on myself for half a century and still its tricky not to say the first thing that comes out of my mouth.
So I say the following with utmost respect for the designers, stylists, fashionistas involved. If we in the fashion world do not wish to be mocked and ridiculed then think what you dress our foremost celebrities in?

This week at the Met Ball, once named The Costume Institute Ball,  proved where we are in our society. As atrocities are performed like rituals around the world, and the Nepalese are living under heaps of historical rubble, one of the prettiest girls at the party, Rihanna, turns up looking like Big Bird dragging an omelette in a dress by a relatively unknown but supposedly brilliant Chinese Couturier called Guo Pei, she took two years to make it, and apparently it was found by Rihanna on the internet. Rupaul's costumes in Drag Race  were more glamorous and provocative. Just look at his show Shanel, real stage creations.
The Chinese theme, "China through the looking glass" last night was mostly ignored and interpreted incorrectly, kimonos are Japanese not Chinese, Lady Gaga.

If I was given a dress like Kim's I would have slit my throat rather than turn up looking fatter than Beyonce, who was wearing four sequins and lipstick by Givenchy. Kim looked prettier running through The Beverly Hills Hotel in navy blue and flats than the hideous white transparent dress she was given to wear.  It would have cost a fortune and looked cheap and common by Roberto Cavalli. On top of this, these girls have a passion for pumping up their booty into comical shapes and showing it off in these trampy dresses, making them, not pretty or sexy, but  even stranger.
Anna Wintour unfortunately looked like she was wearing curtains with swimming safety armbands, or a floral tribute from all of Australia. Despite it being by Chanel, another of my favourite designers, it simply did not suit her. Thank goodness the flowers didn't spell out a name. What looks good on a cat walk is proven to not look good in real life. On top of this she was the hostess and her guests ignored her plea for "No social media", which is completely out of date as "selfies" rule. Anna is in a terrible position, after all she has to wear sponsors clothes, deal with press and people please.  The usually attractive Sarah Jessica Parker looked like Medusa with her snakes on fire, in a hat by Phillip Treacy. Only Isabella Blow could have carried off this one, or Lady Gaga. I am usually his biggest fan, but she, in my opinion, simply doesn't have the right panache to wear his hats.
There were some creative moments that worked, the most imaginative dress of all, was a mini Giles dress worn by Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister, she clearly was on the verge of upstaging her famous sibling.

PRIZE CHICKEN with Beautiful make up and hair, Rihanna

There are rules to follow. Always see how you look from the back, and always ask someone what you look like who will tell you the truth. Not someone who you pay.  I have been in the same position and I promise you one thing never trust anybody where money is concerned, they will say anything. They will never be honest.
Equally do not trust your best friend who may be envious.  Simply this, at the Met Ball or anywhere else and I would like to look beautiful and be me, not be entertainment selling newspapers and just a figure of fun.

As the celebrities stood together in a  row you will notice the world is in chaos, they are a reflection of our intellectual poverty.

We clearly cannot define style, good taste, or glamour nowadays. The starlets are show girls for the most part and are making a mockery of the Met itself, which is one of the most important Art Galleries in the World, with supposedly one of the most important social events of the year headed by the Bible of fashionable good taste, USA Vogue. At twenty six thousand dollars a ticket everybody should have a bit more pride and if a dress is not up to wearing, whoever has designed it, don't kiss arse, and don't wear it. The whole event should be far more elegant. These dresses are expensive, they cost hundreds of thousands of pounds so the money would have been better spent helping people around the world with so much less? Of course it is political, probably the person paying for the ball supports a designer, but it is important what these stars are wearing. The are supporting many people behind them.

What would be ground breaking if the guests all turned up in a little black dress from the back of the cupboard, donating the millions wasted on looking dreadful to meaningful institutions?. Would n't it be nice if these celebrities instead of looking ridiculous in ghastly creations, helped the poor? Forget politicians for a second, they are not always to blame, sometimes  the people in show business should take responsibility,  our young watch and copy these girls of influence, and they have little notion on how to behave or what is correct. I hate to sound old fashioned but seriously old fashioned can be interesting.

We can define the 1920's, the era of Edith Head, The 1970's, 80's,we can define true Hollywood Glamour, but this lot have taken the piss. It is a pity because they all could achieve so much more.
Beautiful women should be beautiful, not a joke...
The dresses should be worn because they look good on a person not because they are from a particular label, I love the way Livia Firth thinks, perhaps all you girls could wake up?
Time for a change in every direction from top to the bottom? People in high places clearly should not be so cocky. What goes up must come down. There is a circle of life.

Of course there were a few that got it right and so
on a positive note here are the

Best Dressed
Jessica Chastain wore Givenchy
Anne Hathaway wore Ralph Lauren
Poppy Delevigne wore Marchesa
Amal Clooney wore Galliano
Rosie Huntington Whiteley wore Versace.
Bee Shaffer wore Alexander Mcqueen
Livia Firth wore Antonio Berardi who used fabric made from plastic bottles.
Kendal Jenner wore Calvin Klein.
Alexa Chung wore Erdem
Karolina Kurkova wore Tommy Hilfiger
Sienna Miller wore Thakoon

Worst Dressed
Rihanna Wore Pei
Beyonce Wore Givenchy
Kim Kardashian wore Roberto Cavalli
Sarah Jessica Parker (I love Phillip but...) and an eco friendly dress by HM
Anna Wintour wore Chanel

Best make up
Jessica Chastain
Amal Clooney
Anne Hathaway
Most imaginative dress
Solange Knowles.

Now I shall study my favourite "do gooder" Tony Robbins and clean out my mouth.


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Karrpark said...

Amanda - I like when you take the gloves off! How often have I thought at charity galas if only the money spent on glam attire would be sent directly to the people who need the basics - food, water, shelter.