Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Yesterday I had so much fun in the Saatchi Gallery.  I am a huge fan of Charles, and his exhibitions inspire me. His new exhibition titled Papagaea has so many layers that it intrigues you and it is the third time I have visited it.
Two months ago I loved the ants in the previous exhibition by Raphael Gomezbarros, which could not fail to impress you and I begged  him for one. The exhibition is now in a small upstairs room, but you can still see an edited version. After a delicious lunch at the Colbert on Sloane Square, where you can drink coffee, eat pastries and have a delicious lunch. The new exhibition is fascinating  although I loathed the plastic bags installation for their lack of beauty, but that was the point.  I did want to jump into them with my friends. Sometimes I just long to have tourettes of the body and land plonk down in the middle of the vast installation containing 97,000 bags by Jean Francois Boucle.
I hate the way Galleries describe artworks, they should be living objects, instead the brochures are unappealing and taking the piss, more intellectual than the object they describe.
In another room  there were huge images of trees by Yukan Teruya, made out of paper bags from Macdonald's and any other paper he could find, turning waste into art. The huge trees were utterly beautiful. Not only is this room showing you what you can create with a little imagination and talent, it is eco friendly.
The gallery shop is totally worth visiting and I wanted nearly everything in it..
As I have a problem with my tree in the front garden, its roots have broken the front wall, but its leaves dispel the sound of the cars, this truly fascinated me.
Go and see it, after that have tea at The Ivy on the Kings Road, part of the group, it is a must, but book first.

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