Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I was sitting yet again in the back of a taxi to Heathrow Airport. Again I was discussing the state of Great Britain and again the taxi drivers are almost without exception Conservative. I did however worry today when the taxi driver thought that UKIP and the Labour Party were on the same side?. Ignorance may be bliss but we should all try and understand the benefits of each party and what they stand for.  I am totally in love with Nigel Farage. His charisma and forceful personality completely charm me. I wish people would analyse what he says clearly, rather than putting words into his mouth which he has not said?. The other sides are so terrified of him splitting the vote.
 Nigel says things that people say in hushed tones all round London, but dare not speak allowed for fear of being called racist, or crazy. He stands up for everything we believe in here in the United Kingdom when you dig a little deeper. I am also a fan of Cameron but his hands are tied in a hung parliament.

Now back to craziness of our electoral system, where nobody will actually rule in the next government. It will be most likely a hung parliament. Voting should be obligatory, and if you have good thoughts for this country you should want to vote. Nobody can complain if they do not.
It is vital for the welfare of this brilliant country we live in to completely understand most of what is said.
UGH.. oh goodness caught out.

In my opinion Miliband is not capable of handling the welfare of the British People as clever as he is, he is not shrewd or diplomatic, having dismissed his brother and the "The Rich",  he has clearly been influenced by his Father's Communist background and believes in shelling out to the poor in huge amounts, while draining and disillusioning the rich?. This is all very well, however you need the rich. You need balance. There will always be clever people around and we need to bring people up to a level where they can fend for themselves, not be a nanny state.

I believe we all want a workable and accessible National Health system, where doctors are able to see people when they are sick and get a reliable prognosis. This however should not be extended to those that are not British citizens unless there are accidents. A health system which works, reliable Emergency Services, e.g. Fire, Police and Hospitals are a must.

I believe that we do not need to make differences between the rich and poor. There will always be rich people, the rich love a game with taxation so simply tax them on VAT and make sure they pay it.
Why should they leave without contributing to our system that they so enjoyed? If you took everything away from the rich people they would have it all going on again within years. The politicians should work with them not against them. When in America I do not claim the tax back, here in England foreigners can?. VAT is 20 percent of every purchase made. This would solve quite a few problems and so the loop hole has to go. I also believe that everybody should pay VAT.

I believe a mansion tax is destructive and is a tax only to Londoners. Why should they be taxed on their number one house. By all means tax them on other properties they own. Stamp duty has made it difficult to sell in the higher end of the market. This leaves another problem that most likely the houses in the upper ranges will sell to yet more foreigners, forcing the British to move from the centre on London. It does not make for an efficient and vital market.

We are a service economy e.g. banking economy thats why they like it in London. We are not a manufacturing economy because it is not feasible to get people to work with competitive wages. The unions do not like it.

Our education system is so important. Not everybody is a computer fanatic, and the arts have been neglected. The arts rely on the rich people in London supporting them, therefore they may not pay tax, but they support in large amounts the charities around London, it is incorporated into the social scene and so easy to get huge amounts of money.  Remember this we need them. We need the rich. Think about the number of people in Belgravia, Mayfair and Kensington and Chelsea areas that rely on foreign investment for their pay?  All children whether academic or not should be receiving an education where they leave speaking English to a standard.

People who are from foreign lands should swear allegiance to Great Britain as they do in the United States and Australia. We should equally only take on people who will contribute in whatever way to our country. We are full at the moment, it is clear that there are simply too many people in the world and we should think about this.

The boat that has just sunk outside Tunisia needs to be addressed. People need help.  They are leaving because of their country not because of ours. Nobody should come to England unless they have four years worth of cash. United Kingdom, and what it actually is.
They will be poor arriving in a city which is already full to capacity and has not room
Whilst we feel it is our right to have everything on the strap we have have a problem re educating people. The money has to come from the population and it means that each one of us pay for the unemployed and unemployable.
Charity should start at home first and foremost.

I believe we should have a referendum for our place in Europe. With Germany taking over in a bombastic and unattractive way, we need to review our place in a system where people receive huge salaries and bonuses.

Make sure you understand taxation before voting and don't muddle up the parties.
Good luck and enjoy the "game"

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