Tuesday, 10 March 2015


I love architecture and architects. I love John Woolf, Hal Levitt, Neutra, Richard Dorman, Richard Rogers, Howard Crane and Norman Foster. Most of all I like the work of Frank Gehry. Yesterday I was telephoned at eight in the morning to interview the greatest architect in the world for Liberatum and Swire, Frank Gehry. Life is funny, only a week ago I was in love with a house of his that has come up for sale, I wanted it. I was to ask him about technology and how it helped him, and what he saw in the future. I was meant to be giving a birthday lunch for my good friend Julie Anne Rhodes, who owns the Roving Stove and is ex wife of Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran. I telephoned her and said lets forget food and go and meet this wonderful man. Instead of guzzling at the Chateau,  we stopped at Starbucks and enjoyed a coffee and went on to Gehry's studio in Los Angeles. Life is beautiful in the the architects office, you feel the passion,  there is so much to learn from people that I never stop enjoying it. Of course there are days when I could open the coffin lid and like everybody else, but I enjoy the seasons, the first flowers the autumn leaves. At over eighty, Gehry gives us all hope. I am not going to spoil exactly what was said as it is going to be in a film for Liberatum and Swire, only that he give us hope and with his brilliant mind he knows what he would like to achieve for the future. His ideas for schools are incredible and his humour about being alive to see a building finished in the Middle East amusing. Quietly spoken and relaxed I could have happily spent two days talking with him. This is the beauty of Liberatum  and all the work they do. They bring knowledge to the world so it is accessible to us all. Their film will enhance your life. Thank you Swire for helping their dreams come alive.

Still in Los Angeles where the sun never stops, I am trying to enjoy the gym again. Having found the combination of yoga and weights at Physique 57 I will try to enjoy it three times this week before I go home to London which apparently is in the middle of the heat wave. Before that there is an opening that Stephen Webster jewellery shop, a opening at Saks and a new  Genlux Magazines cover with Liz Hurley on it as our new Queen.  Then there is a hike to enjoy with some dogs too. I am not going to crawl into a coffin just yet. Too much to enjoy.

I have also learnt that when I have doubt over somebody, I will wait until they fuck up, it has never proved me wrong. I do not want anybody to damage my fragile persona, I can watch television instead.

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