Saturday, 7 March 2015

BILLBOARD FUN. Don't get mucked around use social media, even the Galleries agree.

It is  supposedly a quieter week in Hollywood, but I fell in love with a new house well sort of until I looked at all the paper work all over again.  The Americans like the French like endless forms. All legal looking that make you feel sick, so I cancelled the word Escrow from my vocabulary.

Today I was sent this photograph of Isabella Blow, heaven knows when it was taken but at some party I gave round 2002 I should think, perhaps a bit later. It was taken by Amelia Troubidge, who kindly sent it to me. Thank goodness there are hard copies about of this photograph. It occurred to me that in the future so much will be lost or disintegrate. That digital has only a short lifespan.

Hector Abaunza has photographed me again, this time in the fun setting at the Chateau Marmont.
Well he had fun as you can see and who needs to see the dreary Gucci add once more?.. What was fun was that the boys who put up my poster took it down two days earlier than they agreed. Never believe anybody in this town, they just have annoying way of proving you right. People are not quite honest here. Not only did the poster from Drexlers look creased when up on the board, they did not stick to their agreement that it should be taken down on the 3rd March taking it down on the 2nd. They also offered the company two extra days and did not stick to that either. Gosh Los Angeles can be such hard work. People should be more honest. To have integrity is a fabulous virtue to possess. So instead of being upset I got Hector Fernando to place me on every important billboard in town. HAHAHA apparently the boys were running up and down Sunset checking where I was. You see don't try to trick me you little shits. I am here to stay until I get bored, not when you try to trick me.
To make up for it they then tried to offer my distributors London Films some bogus deals, you know the type, two weeks for one but the distributors are really not that desperate. This is much more fun. Facebook does the trick and the other social media places too.

Don't try to trick the company Mr Billboard men..
Social media is here to stay and far more important
than people realise

All was not bad news as I went to an incredible lecture with the humorous and intelligent  Wendy Stark and The Blue Ribbon ladies, on the power of social media, and its uses for the major galleries in town. Timothy Potts fromThe Getty, Michael Govan from LACMA, Phillippe Vergne from MOCA, Steven Koblik from The Huntington, and one woman head, Ann Philbin from Hammer discussed the pros and cons of the modern world through social media. The only problem seemed to me exists anyway, we are no more than our paper image showing what we wanted to be when we die. This is true of the Galleries too. Galleries need you to see things that exist
, experience different thoughts. All mediums and ideas are great provided you learn.
On another note with so many powerful and interesting women in the room surely as we merge sexes there can be more women in this environment? Not just socialites, benefactors and supporters?  I was truly happy to see the art collector and enthusiast Joan Quinn who once interviewed me for my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly
The power of Facebook is such that I got right up the nose of one man who said today that he wished "The butterfly would die" Luckily he was not friend of mine so he was blocked. Well I am not dead yet, I am having far to much of a good time. Next week I am hoping to go to the meditation event at the Hammer which happens every week to entice us to visit, so let's hope it brings some more good vibes as I sit happily in the moon and remember beautiful things.
Then there is the other wonderful Brit Liz Hurley on the cover of Genlux. So much to look forward 

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