Thursday, 8 January 2015


I live under British Law, and under British Law, a woman is allowed to wear a burka, and is equally allowed to wear a mini skirt. We allow everything provided people do not steal or murder. Religion is a philosophy and not an absolute, we should be allowed in 2015 differing views.. As the bells are rung from Notre Dame throughout France we should remember this is likely to happen in England too.

Freedom of speech is what we have in common. It is what we have fought for.
Charlie will go to press next week and print a million copies and not their usual 60,000 run.
Since the rise of Isis we are on alert, and yet we have many Muslims that have travelled to Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, living free in our communities.
We do not have the resources to watch these people therefore in my opinion if they have been to Yemen Syria they should not be allowed back into England, or Europe. Terrorists should not be allowed to receive our benefits and education. Surely this has to stop?

Without freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of opinion, there is no democracy.  France believes in these values, England and the US too. Together we must join forces. We are not afraid. This is an attack on our beliefs and values, we cannot live in fear.
Humour does not kill people and it appears that people without humour, kill.

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