Tuesday, 27 January 2015

RICK OWENS TAKES THE PISS, a fool and his money are easily parted.

"John Collier John Collier the window to watch" The advertisement for mens suits we used to listen to when I was young... Before I go any further I want to say I love Rick Owen's wife Michele Lamy, and I adore my coats and jackets of Rick Owens.  I love her ateliers which are like a Dr Bernardo's home for weird children. Piercings, faces covered with studs. A community of misfits. Michelle sits as their "Mother Hen".  I suppose for Mummy, Rick got a lot of press. She also also looks after Gareth Pugh, who I won't have a word said against. I am head to toe in his clothes this year.

However, this sweaty looking good-looking androgynous boy at Rick Owen's show, is no advertisement for Rick Owens, or fashion of any sort, see below. If he had a magnificent cleavage, then perhaps it would be interesting.  All he needed is a piece of loo roll between the cheeks. I gather  from Rick's comments, we are Owen's therapist, as he never felt confident about his body as a child? Has one of my favourite designers now hit rock bottom?. Since there are no barb wire or studs, it is not fetish wear.  It is not sequins and kinky boots gear  either. I wonder, does the garb come in all sizes and colours. Is this day wear? He apparently swears it is school boy humour. A good laugh.
What is it about these designers who slag off England, Jews and now this,  pressing the self destruct button, why do they feel they can't be expelled, and are above everybody else?

Can you imagine the eight times Oscar winner Edith Head doing this?

It is base, it is unattractive and most of all it is indecent, and children could see this. The only photoshops I saw was a tiny blur. Clearly we can all be fashion models. With "Strap on Jane" at least you did not have to make a cup of tea.  This is the lowest form of wit. Despite the compliments from my favourite journalist, Tim Blanks, and my great sense of humour, I am bored, not impressed.
"If this is daywear I cannot wait to see the evening wear" says my show girl friend Miss Julia Laverne, sarcastically. He insults classical sculpture with his ego so out of control, he is not Leonardo de Vinci, may be he should have more plado as a child?
The problem is that designers think they are great artists when in fact they make great clothes, unfortunately they are treated like rock stars and not tailors.

My point is this, when we are having  political problems with Muslim extremists, and the French are not able to get their pencil sharpened,  surely this in Paris right now, is not intelligent? If Rick wants to feel better about his youth then get his own cock out. He should not expect his models to do this. Do the models really want this in the closeup section? The internet stays forever, does Rick really want to be owning up to mental problems, he probably thinks he has been very clever, yet sadly it is very déclassé. He believes that he believes a fool and his money are easily separated. I am not so sure. Owens is clearly not watching the news.
I wonder what Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe would say. What must the Muslims think of this?
Why is it okay to say it is art or fashion, it is making fashion a political problem, therefore fashionistas become the problem. This is only going to put petrol on the flames. To convince people to do it. It shows you that everybody has run out of ideas.
There are certain types of Muslims who believe that we are totally debauched, and this will do us no favours.
I love fashion, the beauty, new ideas, but this once talented man, Rick Owens, now needs therapy urgently, not just the advice of a clever Michele Lamy. One minute it is Rick Owens and the next it could be the House of Oxfam.


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