Friday, 9 January 2015


We want to be the unique humans we are. If in England do as the English, after all in Dubai we all cover up our blonde hair and blue eyes. I am very happy to be covered up in places like this.

"Between you and  me, they all the same to me?"

In England we will always show our legs on a hot Summers day. Why is it only the women and not the men? Why must women only, go back thousands of years.   Next it will be we have to wear the black curtains all the time and not have an education? It is wrong on so many levels.

"Je suis Charlie"

Are the Muslim's going to be checking back issues of Bunty's incase Mohammed decided to play hockey with the girls?

If they are in England I suggest they join in, have fun, be free, and be themselves. If their religion requires them to kill someone, start with themselves. The Jihadists can move on. Why do we wait for these things to happen?. It is getting worse every day. I shall not be intimidated. When did Bin Laden come down from the sky and smile on them with his big Mike Tyson teeth.
Where is the humour in their lives? Where is the love in their lives? No they just want control and anarchy and go back two thousand years. It is the school playground, "I will bully you until you give up" syndrome. You are talking to all of us, Great Britain has always been free, even when under Rome's control. When we fought the last war, we sang songs about Hitler having one ball and Goebbels having no balls at all. Although the casualties mounted up, our true free spirit came out, and we returned the compliment. This is not the Twin Towers or the Blitz but it will awaken the spirit of Blighty and if awakened every radicle in Europe is in for a big surprise.
Thank goodness these terrorists were expired as I do not want to pay personally for people like this in prison with taxes. When they cut our peoples heads off they do not care how gruesome the filming is, they do it with full impact on You Tube. When we do  a simple drawing they want to kill us?.
Please can the government consider not taking these people in, when they have been fighting,  it is down right stupid.  If you tick the wrong box on an entry to America forget going there ever again.

If they wish to be an antagonist, could they do it elsewhere?.
If they do not like England and Paris, don't sponge of their systems. It is lunacy. If they want to run and cause anarchy stay within the barren lands they come from. At the moment they are given free houses, free education and free medical treatments. If they have been fighting abroad they should not be allowed back into England or Europe. Our boarders need control.
If they wish to be an Arab with huge amounts of body hair and burkas they should consider going home. It could after all be a man with a bomb?.  Why not shave their heads and wear another head piece. They could be walking towards you or away. They look like Darth Vadar in drag? You cannot tell where they are going to, until they move.

"Men keep asking me what colour are my eyes"

I was talking to one woman one day who was asking for directions, when I was trying to help her, I spent twenty minutes talking to the back of her head. If you don't want me to see your face, at least show me you are not geezer signing on in another name.
It is a total cop out. If you see a nun you know where they are walking. Why are they worried about a cartoon on Alla, perhaps he has a direct bloodline to Micky Mouse and Daffy?

"The ax is for the left overs".

Political correctness has been the cause of all this, now let's stand up straight and sort this out.

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