Saturday, 6 December 2014


There are so many make up brands to choose from, and with so many, we should all find one that we like. They are reasonably priced too, and because of this we can have fun. Sometimes the cheapest works the best. Revlon and L'Oreal have great red lipsticks guaranteed to last even when kissing.

I have changed my make up this week, well not really,  that would be highly unlikely but I have bought some new products. Usually I am a fan of YSL, but looking for the perfect red lipstick last week that stays on, I found one on the  Dolce Gabbana's stand, two shades of red pencils. I prefer pencil as it tends to stay on longer. Following the idea of Marilyn Monroe's make up artist, I use several colours, and Dolce provided the lot and a shimmering white lipstick to put on top.
The beautiful packaging is also appealing. I have practised putting on my makeup in the dark, incase I should ever not have electricity. You never know what happens. When putting on the lipstick pencil make sure that the pencil is sharpened so you can outline all the lip. Watch the video attached from one of the best make up artists, Lisa Aldridge.

Another product I like with great packaging are Charlotte Tilbury's products.
She even has ranges for different looks. Great presents.

Party time is here and I am thrilled to find a Saint Laurent dress that I had forgotten about at the back of the cupboard. I suggest that we all do that. Unless there is a seriously special occasion, do not delve into the purse, slam it shut.
For too long we have all been encouraged to spend spend spend. After recently numbering all my clothes, I found I had 159 coats and that was only on one floor. Well I know I am The Fashion Editor for Genlux Magazine, but even so.
The only area I was ever careful over was makeup. I am careful to use up something before buying more, this is okay but do remember that mascara gets clogged and is full of germs, so change regularly, so do tooth brushes. Dolce also have eye brow pencils in various colours that are easy to apply. In fact along with their perfect foundation you do not need a make up artist, if you have good light and patience.
Remember eye brows are truly important for good eye brows go to Tonya The Browgal in LA, she could be one of the best in the world. Horrible thin brows look common and are ageing.
I have enjoyed my version of the "Marilyn" look for quite some time.
How to get the "Marilyn" look, which is the book I love.

In London try Duck and Dry on the Kings Road, for make up and hair for Christmas.

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