Friday, 19 December 2014


Now Stamp Duty has risen most business men who are developers will be in a filthy mood the government should have halved it as they would have made more money.

Stamp duty is causing havoc one month on in the upper price bracket, not just because of Christmas  but because it has brought the property market above 2 million to a standstill. David Cameron and George Osbourne, both Conservatives, have apparently done this to get re elected but with little thought? The property market, is Great Britain's only real market, and they have managed to close it down? We need rich people, as we need to feed the poor and feed ourselves,  Not only did the stamp duty at 7 percent close the Kensington and Chelsea market down, but now at 12 percent there is no movement at all.  What will happen if people cannot afford to buy clothes in Sloane Street, or Bond Street, it will have a knock on effect.  The shops are virtually empty again with enormous reductions to lure people to spend  before Christmas. Mr Osbourne is a Chancellor that wishes to win favour from the North of England, without really giving anyone else thought. It will turn many conservatives against him, into the arms of Nigel Farage, I suspect. The huge Stamp Duty on properties above 2 million is worse than a mansion tax. It effects everybody.
We live in a socialist state; there is no such thing as democracy, not at least since Ancient Greece.  Has anybody in Government been broke on Christmas Eve with nowhere to sleep but under the arches?

When exotic white peaches are £25 a kilo you know the world is crazy.
We need a free market. No controls. This country is full of people taking advantage of the state.
We have a financial system based on usury. We have too many people on the street and too many people blamed simply because they are victims of circumstance. Nobody wants to help anybody. Giving people a free buck is not the answer and detrimental to their mental health. The sweetest idea for any person is to make their own money. We have created a system that can be abused at the top and the bottom. Political correctness is the worst thing that happened to democracy. Self-censorship is not great either as we don't know how people feel?.

England is the best country in the world, if it wasn't, nobody would want to be here?
It is the nucleus of the world. London is the epicentre. China might be the epicentre of technology, and New York the big apple, but not the epicentre. Los Angeles is the epicentre of make believe, but it can't release its latest film about a dictator "The Interview", because the subject matter is about successfully  black mailing Hollywood. Australia never thought "it" would happen and neither did New York, but "it" did. Our five years of blitz did not break the English spirit. Instead we were singing "Hitler has only got one ball" and "Run Rabbit Rabbit".
Every developer in London will go broke unless their properties are 2 million or less. The government have no lateral thinking, but if they had lowered the tax level it would stimulate entering the property market from all levels.  There would be more tax revenue. Because more people would be buying and selling?. You are letting people believe that they are not paying tax. But they are.
How can we have bankers who rip people off? How can we have families of Somalians coming over with four children and able to get a house, but have our own countrymen sitting on the pavements outside pret a manger. It is not the Somalians fault, it is the government who provides the rules to be used and abused?There are so many people sitting outside the Salvation Army because there is no room inside.
How can you have billionaires who are non domiciled, but living in England's castles. Except for The Royal Family, who are all these other people? The system is good for the foreigners.  The immigration  system here is fucked it is an utopia for people from abroad. We need the foreigners, we need growth, but we don't need a ridiculously high stamp duty because we wish to create a market, surely?. You are persecuting the people of this country.  Penalising the rich causes the collapse of industry, the poor people don't have jobs if you take away the bosses margin of profit?
We need the middle class to grow.
Our council houses were our safety net, and there are precious few to boot. They were originally for people who lost their houses in the war.

P.s On other subjects
Why was Abdul Hamza  allowed to have such impact, costing England so much and on top of that we had to pay a fortune to eradicate him

A disabled friend of mine is insulted that a fat person is going to be given the same consideration as cancer sufferers, people with terminal illnesses, just from tucking in.? This is going to encourage people to become obese.

People would be so happy if they were able to work effectively in their chosen profession for a fare wage? This seems more and more unlikely.

It seems to me that if you are healthy attractive smart, clever you are automatically penalised and not encouraged to better yourself.

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