Monday, 22 December 2014


Why on earth are British Airways wasting time arresting feisty piano playing Tara Palmer -Tomkinson? A fragile blonde upper class girl, who has had many problems?. To surround her with 8 security men and put her in handcuffs, and treat her like a criminal seems horrendous?.  Is she a terrorist, come on?. We fear ISIS, I thought,  not TARA?. She clearly had a panic attack. What on earth did society beauty, It girl, Tara do, to get this inappropriate aggression towards her? She is used to the best, as she is attached to London's inner circle. Has she become just an easy target? The security staff are understandably so officious at the airports now, but when you can check on google with a press of a button it seems slightly inappropriate.  Tara is unlikely to be carrying a machine gun or a machete. After all she plays Bach to Prince Charles?

Last week having paid a monumental six thousand pounds for a return ticket to Los Angeles I was given little respect when I was placed in-between the loo and facing economy. Heaven forbid. I was however, as a gold member allowed into the first class lounge.  I had to complain to the hostess four times. The air hostess  grudgingly told me that a boy had to take the only free seat on my level, yet the flight was far from full. The boy was fifteen. My next door neighbour  did not mind, as he got his seat on air miles. What is wrong with British Airways? They may have improved their aeroplane with big bird, but as a gold card member I find their manners are a nightmare. Security for the aeroplanes has got out of hand. Quite honestly it is always a risk to get on a flight but I don't think I would be frightened of charming cheerful Tara. Of course Tara should have been allowed in first class lounge as any other celebrity.  If Tara is good enough for the Royal Family who thoroughly check people out, then she is certainly good enough for the riff raft in The First Class Lounge at Heathrow Airport.


Last year my ex husband was on a flight and I was not allowed to visit him and had to sneak down from business when everybody was asleep, only to find a girl with her feet in his pocket.
Security people act as if they are the star and with a little power they use it with excess, not caring that Tara gets a lot of press and mostly people love her. She is a girl who plays the piano beautifully and is very talented, if only Great Britain would support her, they would see that she could accomplish a lot. This is not the sort of press that Tara would ever wish for. In fact she is very low profile these days and I am sure British Airways sold the story?  How did a security video land on the covers the Sun newspaper? Totally outrageous.
Colourful characters are the interesting thing about Great Britain let's not change it.

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