Monday, 8 December 2014


It is a beautiful day today, nearing Christmas London becomes stunning. Christmas decorations are up and Bond Street looks beautiful, that is if you look up towards the sky. I am sorry to kill your illusions but the problem is if you look down, there are coffee cups, pieces of plastic, and endless pieces of chewing gum, can't we have some social responsibility?  To remove a piece of chewing gum costs the councils £2.00 each. Can't we bring a law  that anyone caught dropping a piece should be fined £500.00 that would stop this habit immediately. £80.00 is not enough, it has to be enough to hurt. It is so unhygienic, apart from everything else.
If we as a country encouraged dog owners to pick up their rubbish then we can also change?
It is imperative more so than stamp duty. The amount has to be enough that it hurts the person and so they become aware of what they are doing. Rubbish too. It is seriously inconsiderate, bad for business, common, ugly, filthy and actually bad manners to drop your crap on the street.
Do we need street monitors?
If Singapore can stop it, then so can we?
Nobody is too grand to pick up their rubbish, it is just badly brought up to leave it for others to remove. It is not classist, to applies to everywhere in London.
Indirectly we receive the bill to clean it up.
Enough is enough.  Wrigleys and all the other gum manufacturers should carry a warning that people should throw the gum away intelligently.

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