Thursday, 4 December 2014


The shocking thing at the moment is that nothing is shocking anymore. We see ditches full of bodies, bodies decapitated, rivers of blood. We get the remote control and say "Fucking hell I have missed the beginning of X factor and missed Edwina Curry eating maggots in "Get me out of here".
We see batter on Mars Bars and we think we live in a cutting edge time?. This does not mean that we are not doing any good. Pharmaceutical companies feed people and if you die you can't complain. It is not surviving with health, it is about profit and death. Nobody cares.
If you think they do care, then you are mistaken.

"You better give me a hundred thousand pounds because you might be a laughing stock one day." I think, suck my strap on. What I will be given is "I will kill you, and then you won't be laughed at".
The only people in trouble now are those that can't be alright without money.
The only time i feel entirely happy is when I am getting a thorough beasting. Without that I do not have a reason to put on my make up, get slim, travel or smell divine.
It is the only reason to get out of bed. Without a bit of  "forbidden" pleasure, life is very dull.The only reason, in my opinion,  to get out of bed, is to go home.

I am slightly envious of the broach that Tracey Emin received from the Queen, so I may
think of all the worthwhile things I am already doing, in order to receive the recognition for my efforts, otherwise without excitement, there is no journey or adventure, and better to flick from one ridiculous tiresome station to another. There seem to be at least 200 channels and all for the educationally subnormal. How can anyone spend all day watching repeats of QVC? I would rather slit my wrists?
However the thorough beasting, and afterwards baked beans, not during I hasten add, would be much more entertaining.

Let's be honest, if you knew that there was a chocolate bar downstairs and nobody could you see you eating it, you would sneak downstairs and devour it. I really feel like baked beans, but the taste is not as up to the imagination except with half a pound of cheddar in the middle.

Sleep well..

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