Monday, 17 November 2014


If you want to be remembered you will need more than accolades from Hollywood, you need talent, tact and humour.  I love both London and Los Angeles.  London is a place where I can be a Dame instead of just another broad. I am going to try my luck helping cancer sufferers and in particular Marie Curie. It is the time of my life when I wish to give back following my instincts.
I was once told that Los Angeles was a place which is only interested in youth and beauty, and therefore doomed. I have read that it is also the reverse, a velvet coffin.  Of course this place celebrates beauty and of course it can be a pleasant place to live out your final days. It is sunny almost every day.

For me, Los Angeles is my home for renewal and a place which as we all know prides itself on physical and mental well being.  On every street corner there is a tarot card reader, a yoga centre. It is easier to find a doctor for any ailment than find milk unless you drive 5 miles for it.
It is a place where I work my pelvic floor at the Kundalini Centre.  Clean my teeth at Dr Fusier, have my  hair coloured with Angela Kalinowski.  Thicker the better eyebrows perfected by Tonya Crooks the amusing brow gal, you discover the youth is not created by plucking eyebrows but actually letting them grow.
It is a place where you can discover who is the  best hair replacement therapist for my bald headed friends and I had the luck to meet Dr Rassman. Yes women go bald too. I also come to see two plastic surgeons, one Dr Perlman, who is famous for his extreme makeovers and Dr Alfred Cohen who is brilliant with faces. Dr Perlman gave me waist, and if only I knew it was so simple and effective I would have had it done when I was much younger.
I have found a brilliant diet centre too. Century City Diet Centre. Whatever it takes is my view. as long as you don't look scrawny. Now I have in my possession choice of four delicious milkshakes. 
You discover quickly the reason for everybody looking young and beautiful is that they are working hard at it.
In the last few years I have noticed more and more people are interested and talk about the museums, there seem to be so many groups popping up all over Los Angeles celebrating the artistic world.  I never get bored there. The sunshine and vitamin D, make me feel healthier than ever.
It is also a wonderful place to find unusual pieces of mid century furniture and I was lucky to meet Tommy Perse from Maxfields who showed his pieces of Prouve this week. So if it is not beauty for the body it is beauty for your house.
Believe it or not it is a place where playwright Noel Coward is very popular. There are two plays on at the moment. Blythe Spirit with Angela Lansbury and I am producing The Vortex, Coward's first play that he wrote at 24 starring Craig Bobby Young.
Although there is fashion only worn in LA, Long dresses, Boho chic, rock chic, people are loving fashion more and more. Nikki Lund has many pieces that look bang up to date in London as well as LA.
It is a place that has brought me so much, 5 awards for my film The gun the cake and the butterfly and the fun and interesting job of fashion editor at Genlux Magazine which is definitely a magazine to watch and read. Stephen is an incredible creative director with huge imagination.

Los Angeles is a sprawling but inviting city is a place has much to offer just prod it and see, walk down the street with your  Saint Laurent shoes, or wear your Nike gym shoes, and see what it brings you?.

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