Thursday, 13 November 2014


I love decorators and decorating, I would have liked to have been one myself, but I hate plumbing and technicalities. I adore making houses into mystical palaces that I can live at peace in. It is creation from the soul. I have worked with a few and the following I would recommend. Their ideals tried and tested. Their work seen and adored. Of course I never follow anybodies advice I like to take theirs and adapt it to me. Or just let their personalities come alive in my house. Some I have not used but just seen what they created.
I worked for a florist once called Kenneth Turner. He was brilliant and used to say to me "Decorate as your character, a house must look like its inhabitant". I like to work ideally with different people on one job. My bedroom at Chester Square was done by Lord and Vella yet the wallpapers were Sera Hersham's. I like this because it is fun to work with different people. You feed off each others ideas.
I can honestly say for better or worse I like to work with everybody.

So here is the list of very talented people you can trust to put their heart and soul into a job.

1. Sera Loftus Hersham

Bohemian Chic, I loved her rude lampshades, her quirky original taste using the past and future.
I adored her wallpaper, I used it for my bedroom at Chester Square.

2. Nicky Haslam

For correct living with a twist. He brought in fabulous over the top fireplaces when the architect, Mark Guard created a white box. Efficient too. I could not live without him. Cheyne Walk is my favourite place of all. I love my Shell bed, and shh, he did not want mirror but I put it up during a week end. He just smiled when he next came to the house. Very charming.

3. Martyn Lawrence Bullard

For boldly taking on Summitridge Drive, a house belonging to Janet Leigh. We thought it was a tear down, but he created out of a chalet, modern bliss in the hills of Los Angeles.

4. Kelly Hoppen

Demure silk for clean cut people. Clean lines. Perfect living for perfect people. I like her honesty
I once asked her to help me with Chester Square, and she said "Do it yourself"
Her strong character proves resilient.

5. David Collins Partnership

Perfect restaurant living. What would we do without his pastel, perfection, architecture and knowledge?. I wanted him to do Rue Mechain, but I wanted to still love him.

6. Fiona Barrett

I love the furniture, leather wall treatments, the colours, masculine, a great way to live for rock stars and celebrities.

7.  Lord and Vella

For everything, you can guarantee homely individual style. You can eat a delicious cheese and pickle sandwich too, whilst creating something totally unique.

9.  Roseanne de Pampelonne

Roseanne is able to be very very quick, actually so is Nicky Haslam.
She can do a house in a matter of days. Give her the budget and she will get it done.
She can work at a madcap pace. She did my home at Maison du Cap in a matter of months for a Summer.

10. David Carter.

Who could not fall in love in one of his rooms?
Enormous style.

11. Danielle Moudabber.

Want a playground Danny will create it. She did my house that had once belonged to Tamara de Lempicka at  Rue Mechain,

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