Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Before selling your house perhaps you should check the price per square footage. I got an offer this week through my ex agents for the full asking price. I was over the moon. I was skipping down the street. I soon calmed down when I realised that round the corner, in Old Church Street, a house was on the market for six hundred pounds a square foot more than mine, and it was in front of a council estate. My neighbour with 3.5 thousand sq feet, more than mine, put his house on the market for a cool 25 million. I was quickly told by my agents that I should be quiet and just accept their offer. Not wanting to offend them but furious I quietly looked up all the prices of the houses and went round them all in a week. I was dumbfounded by the erratic square footage prices. My gorgeous house, with beautiful sunshine, overlooking the Thames looked a steal. I would rather not sell than undersell. Be careful of wide boy agents who say they have your best interest at heart . I was told "I have not managed to sell anything for six months, and you are turning down the offer?" . I was also informed that it is easier to sell a 25 million pound house than any house between 5-15 million. Well quite frankly if I  have to move to Richmond, I would rather do it next year, and not this,  as houses are fetching 1.7 per sq ft there, and busy and noisy South Kensington runs at 3.3 a square foot and other houses in Cheyne are getting 3.6 a square foot, a house in Wimbledon going for 7 million. My beautiful house with the best views in London achieved 2.2 a square foot. I sniffed shit, and it was not dog shit but bullshit.  I have now taken my house off the market to get some serenity into my life. There is little serenity nowadays, the Estate Agents,  sound like car sales men, and act for their purchasers and not their clients. Where have all the Sloane Rangers with impeccable manners, gone? I suggest you go to smaller agents, instead of the wide boys from the large agents owned by banks.

On another note I adore Raign, having just watched her wonderful video. So pleased she is on Xfactor. What is wrong with people, is she just too good to be on it? Why is Cheryl upset? I am X factors hugest fan. I always nag my son(who is singing here Lisa Zane) Charles, who is at the Royal Welsh College and left Mannes College of Music in New York two years ago,  to have a go on it. He looks rather superior when I say I love it, but there is something exciting about checking out the talent. I enjoy the fact that there are so many different people on it. It can surely do no harm, unless you wish to sing at the Royal Opera House and are deeply into classical music as per my son, why not give it a go. Admit it we all watch the last few episodes and get excited. I adored Prince Poppycock, on America's got talent. It is a also a short cut if you are attempting to get into music school or drama school which requires serious hard work, with hundreds of auditions as I found out. That is not to say you cannot be a success. Of course you can with both schools, Xfactor and without either. However to be professional you have to put in the hours. I wish Raign lots of success, give her a chance.
I shall now enjoy the next episode. Fight the good fight with all your might Raign, and Raign on. The answer is a person must learn in an atmosphere that they feel happiest in. Reminds me of half Patti Smith crossed with  Cher. I just wanted her to wear braces and white shirt. This is a future genius for a change and the judges can't see it. Tell her to come to me and I will dress her. Hells bells she is a drag queen, rock star, goth, Patti Smith look a like with talent spilling out of her. I give her a word of advice, take off the dresses and create new style.

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