Thursday, 21 August 2014


It is good to do new things, evan for a day or two. I always have incredible moments of realisation. To go by train and see England's wonderful coastline is a first for me. I actually wish to take a boat round England if anyone could face it.

I came to Edinburgh for the night to watch my friend Nancy Dell'ollio perform in her show, Rainbows from Diamonds. It is always tricky to perform in public. Television and film for me are much easier, and despite the fact I had extensive training, I would not wish to sit on the stage talking on my own for more than 4 minutes. Nancy was certainly brave.  Nancy had us all cheering. You could not but admire her. When some silly women laughed in the wrong place, she said to me afterwards, "At least they laughed" she evan said to them stridently "If you want to laugh in the wrong places, perhaps leave?".   She was right. Her fast performance may need more work, indeed it is her first show of this nature, but there is nothing more special than seeing people work on a play or indeed perform, it is easier to be critical, but in this case I just came to see my friend.  If you are a fan of Nancy's then watch her,  she has stage presence, her exotic looks, half Jewish half Italian swing into action in a white suit with black lapels, she is like nobody else on the planet as she takes you through her romances, her disappointments, her trials and tribulations, with her charismatic Italian accent.  Of course it needs adding to, I did a play three years ago and then a film, and I have made constant changes to it. It is never ending. But, you just can't help smiling in the right places, laughing and evan crying. Nancy has the ability to make you want to help her succeed, that is her pure clean energy.  I want to say one more thing "Happy Birthday, you did it."

As a friend she is supportive too, today after a gruelling week, as she came to my son, Charles Eliasch's, performance at St Mary's  Cathedral with Sofia Dimitrova, both from Mannes College of Music and Charles and Will Shaw, accompany them on the piano, are from The Royal Welsh College. They were all truly talented, I appreciated the hard work that these young opera singers put themselves through, totally mesmerising. Then Will's piano playing was excellent. Usually accompanists are just that. This time Will did a beautiful job.

After a good nights sleep at the Prestonfield House, a stunning hotel with grounds that are perfect,, a delicious dinner last night, I am ready to get on the train again. I sadly did not a chance to see Lili La Scala perform. I am sure she will be there next year. Edinburgh has high standards and an educated audience, I was pleased to see so many people attending, and in church too.
Congratulations to you all

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