Tuesday, 19 August 2014


I would like to jump on a plane to rescue the Yazidis. I switch between CNN and Aljazeera News in a  frantic way to understand what is happening in real time, on the borders of Iraq and Syria. The rest of the Middle East too. The Islamic State (ISIS) threatening to kill them and chop off their heads and anybody else's,  if they don't immediately succumb to their medieval, ungodly ways, which by the way are not in the Koran. My feeling is this. If boys from Great Britain have joined the militants, they in turn should be not allowed back into England, the country that paid for their education and helped their families when they needed it, then indeed they must remain with their own.
It is confusing to say the least who is good in all these stories, The people in these poor countries are all surely aware that what is happening is a disaster. Actually whoever is in the wrong is probably having a great holiday in Ibiza or St Tropez right now. What a summer it has been between warring factions and,  the turmoil created by the weapons industry must stop. In the name of religion,  shocking war crimes are being committed.


Ivan Watson is reporting on the war torn country of Iraq on behalf of CNN, he has a major fan. ME. He has become the hero of the hour. He did a mini documentary on the plight of the Yasidees It was moving and extremely informative, and as I say I want to help the children.
If only they could bring the families here? As we take in about 500,000 immigrants a year surely there is room for a few Christians?

Oh back to beauty…


I have just been  in Marrakech where the peaceful people of this country, are a mixture of  religions.   Delightful, amongst the palms of this Oasis. Life is as near heaven as you can get, superficially anyway. I stayed at the Amanjena, which after 15 years, has a magical appeal as it has grown into itself. I love the hammam, the large swimming pool, the beautiful rooms where you listen to the birds in the morning. Nature at its best. Then there is the madness of the medina, I have so many memories, the best was when I  visited a magic man who has since died with Belinda Carlisle. We had so much fun as we were hypnotised in believing he was so very attractive.

Back in London I had to dash off to Duck and Dry the new concept in hair dressing that everybody can look good, for reasonable prices. You can have your hair and make up done by anyone of the brilliant stylists on offer. Guaranteed to turn you into a Hollywood star. With Snowden Hill as the boss, I know Chelsea will look a whole lot prettier.

As for the blackberry,  I reckon the coolest people still love it.  I do, as do artists, Inesa-Barrington De La Roche. I love their work, humour and style. They have the IT factor. Anyway I like to write a letter and don't get pleasure from smilies.

My son says that the war in The Middle East is being helped and fed by Twitter users? Is this true?
Oh for goodness sake can we all have peace?
PEACE. I do not like wars with anybody.

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