Friday, 1 August 2014


I left London last week and the wonderful Lady Victoria Hervey was staying in my house in Cheyne Walk.  A charming and fun person to have around, I can see why there is a demand to have her at every party.

At the Viva again, this time is a bit heavy weather. I am not into injections or illness and last night I ended up in hospital. I gathered through the officious Austrian nurse I have a potassium problem. With great efficiency I found out what I was lacking. If only I had recognised it two hours earlier. The nurse said it was a matter of urgency that I took the medicine. I was literally crawling on the floor with my chest about to come out of my body. I had to wake everybody up at the Mayr Clinic.  This I did with great panache. I knocked on every door until I was greeted by one far too dishy man and a very elegant blonde. She was adorable and washed me and got me ready for hospital. The kindness of strangers seems surprising. I expect a lot from friends but really when needed, it seems to me that strangers are more thoughtful. My nightie was replaced by sports gear. She gave me sunglasses and an eye mask.

With only 5 pounds to go at the Mayr Clinic I am excited to be slim again.  Do not trust any man who says they like a fatso.  I am the living proof that a man who said that to me, two years ago, watched me put on one and a half stone.
With this war still going on in Gaza, it seems to me the cease fire is possible. The people selling the weapons, should perhaps get together to resolve it in the comfort of Club 55 in St Tropez.
As for dealing with my loneliness. I am not alone. There is a lot of action here at the Mayr, considering we are not eating and are at various stages of starvation.  I have made wonderful friends. It is strange that  when put in this situation  we all get on. It is incredible that when we can all be friends .
I feel like going on holiday in a caravan one of these days. Next week I go to the very chic Mozart week end in Salzburg. I shall see my son Charles perform. There are some things I do not want to miss, I  am enjoying  a Summer of culture.

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